Any info on this 8gpm 2500psi

I have searched all over for any reviews pertaining to the following pressure washer: 8 GPM 2500 PSI COMET PUMP SKID BANDIT COLD PRESSURE WASHER at pressure washer products for $1589. Has anyone purchased this or have any opinions about this purchase? Seems a bit cheap for an 8 gpm, even with a Comet pump. Link is below.

There are others further ahead on knowledge than me. I’ve never used this machine but from what I’ve heard from the guys that have used it is it works great for house washing but not so great for concrete. I’d rather have a machine that can do it all. Coming from a guy who uses a 8 GPM, I’d think a 4 GPM/4000 PSI would be more versatile for starting out. Strongly advise the GX690 8 GPM if possible.

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That machine pops up now and then, bottom line is you won’t get 8gpm and 2500psi at the same time. You might get 5.5gpm at that pressure.

Not sure how the 390 can put out those numbers. I believe the gx390 is actually 11.7 hp, not 13hp. I might be wrong, still…those numbers don’t add up. I agree with @dcbrock.

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Thanks. Something seemed a bit off at that price for an 8gpm.

Virtually useless for an all rounder. Smallest motor you want on an 8gpm pump is gx690 or Kohler equivalent.

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Thanks for the help