Any ideas on this stain?

House is over 100 years old and this was under where a downspout was. Customer removed it 5 years ago and said stain was there ever since so it could be a 70 year old stain I have no idea.

I tried sh all the way up to straight, one restore, Cleansol, double eagle, and f9 efflo. Any other ideas to try? Nothing is budging this thing. Thanks

I am not pushing eacochems stuff, I also have nothing against it, but you may want to look into their literature for stain identification. take a gander at their encyclopedia of clean Downloadable and printable literature with a ton of info

based on the pic I got two guesses, copper runoff, it isn’t always green when other crap blends into it, and the second is a tar/pitch that someone put in the gutter to seal it when it started leaking.

From eaco chem:
Use OneRestore undiluted. A copper stain may
show up as blue, green or black depending on
the elements it reacts with to cause the stain.
Generally, an undiluted application repeated
twice before rinsing will remove the stain.

THe main word to focus on here is “Generally” so you may need to do it more than twice. I’d watch the mortar so it isn’t getting hammered too much by pressure. Unless they had their house repointed, that mortar will be old and crumbly.

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@Dirtyboy thank you. That’s a good idea on the tar, you could be right. Love eaco Chem products and have reached out to them before and they’re usually pretty helpful. One restore/cleansol seems to knock out pretty much anything sh does not but obviously not every time.

I edited my post to clarify a thing or two. Good luck, maybe hit up @Historic he specializes in this stuff.

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@Dirtyboy one restore is definitely not working on this. I’ve used that many times in the past and did numerous undiluted applications on this and that stain laughed at it.

sorry to hear that. I hit a chimney with it before for the copper runoff, it worked ok, but I hate spraying acid above my head. I’m getting a bigger ladder next year (waiting for jan for tax purposes).

Take a peak at Prosoco 800. Based on the color of the stain and brick, looks like it could be vanadium to me.

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Interesting. I will look into this. The stain on this link where it talks about green vanadium definitely looks like what I was dealing with. Thanks.