Any Idea What this "proprietary" Wood Cleaner Might Be?

This is a local competitor. He developed it himself. Just curious what might be in his secret sauce.

Don’t believe everything you read. I make wood cleaner every single time I clean wood. I have to mix the right percentage of chemical and water, so… I made it. I he has a chemical, and he is selling it, hopefully he is following all the federal and state laws. Wonder where his chemical plant is. Look at the SDS.

I just made biosnakeoil, it is guaranteed to be used by people who want it.

Edit: After reading what I wrote, I want to add a minor adjustment; If i add another chemical or chemicals to a standard industry mix, then that is my formula. It might be used by everyone on the planet, but it is my formula. example given adding butyl or metasilicate to a mix.

A wood restoration “expert” told me that he/she got their information from scientific journals, lots of research, sharing information, and boatloads of experiments and experience. The rest of it is all marketing.

It’s probably either SH or Sodium Percarbonate. Nothing special about it.

My guess is hydrogen peroxide. Typically that foams up a bit more though

What’s sad is that he implies that all you have to do is spray this solution on and you’re done. No power washing needed. Truly a “splash and dash” guy.

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