Any full time fleet washers out there?

Anybody doing a lot of fleet washing? If so where can I find some more info on the different types of cleaning methods and chemicals to use?

No fleet washers on this forum???

[MENTION=6958]MHinderliter[/MENTION] ?

We just posted a fleet washing webinar on the pwc, if ur a member u can watch it.

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Yes Sir! You thinking of getting into it or trying to bid some work?

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Hey Michael thanks for the reply. I been doing a lot of research of fleet washing after I had a man in my area turn me on to it. He says he has been making great money and but is leaving for Colorado to go to deck restoration make 4-5 dollars a square feet so I cant blame him. I know there is a LOT more than just running out there with a pressure washer, but now that I’ve invested into a 8GPM set up I want to take advantage of it.

So any advice would be appreciated on how to get work. Im think about just going to trucking business with gravel and dirt ground so I don’t have to worry about the chemicals draining.

I prefer fleet washing to residential work. You can’t beat repeat business. And washing vehicles takes the subjective “clean” out of the equation. Ever have residential a client say their deck “didn’t turn out exactly how they imagined it”? A clean truck is a clean truck. As long as you’re not leaving streaks or blowing off paint, your good to go!

Also, some may agree/disagree but I feel the best way to wash a fleet is by hand. It only take a few extra minutes but that will give you the advantage over the other guy just runnin’ and gunnin’. You can use a less abrasive chem and way less water. With that being said, the extra attention to detail is reflected in the price. If the client wants something quick and easy, then give it to them.

I would suggest calling to your local Water Authority and semi-permanently renting a hydrant meter (if you don’t have one already) so you can fill up near your fleet location. I can fill my truck in less than 10 minutes then on to the next one!

I’ve never done fleet washing but I heard some of these guys doing cabs and I think even trailers in like 10min? That’s crazy time! My hats off to them…

We run 5.5 GPM at 2500 for fleet washing. As said above it is great repeat business.

If you are going to be washing on gravel or dirt you usually are ok with respect wash water run off. As long as it is not leaving the property but you need to check with your local authorities

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Michael, how quick can your guys do a rig? Just for the fun of it lets say a condo sleeper cab and a 52’ trailer?

We usually run 3 man crews with 2 power washers taking 10 to 15 minutes.

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