Any California Pressure Wash Business Owners Here?


Looking to see if there are any California pressure wash business owners here. I can’t seem to find consistent information online about requirements in california for waste water collection / whether soft washing a house using bleach is even legal.

Would love to know more / talk to people. Who here is in California?

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Someone here washed Cali maybe they can help you on your way. I think it was @JBreezy sorry if I’m mistaken
[/quote] yup​:sunglasses::smiley::rofl::yum::blush:

Apparently I’ve broken the internet… but yea that guy!

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There are probably different regulations depending on the county. I’m sure San Diego has a lot more regulations than say Amboy or 29Palms. I’d call your county or the counties you’ll be working in and talk to them so you know exacatly what to expect.

I’m in coastal so cal. Basically you can’t run any water into the storm drain. Unless You’re washing your car or its run off from your sprinkler. Its usually not an issue if You’re washing a house. Driveways are another story. You can get one of those shop vaca with sump pumps in them and pump the water back to the landscaping but in my experience those vacuums kinda suck for what they cost. Youde be better off buying a Sirroco ( not sure if I spelled that right.) But its the red 55g drum vac. Pretty common for reclaiming. I would say don’t worry about it really if youre just doing residential. Run off is usually minimal and chances are no ones going to say a word about it.