We have our pressure washer stored in an unheated warehouse. The weather has been 50 or higher for several weeks, they are predicting a dip tonight to 28 degrees, should only last a few hours then back to 55 for the day.

Do you think the inside temp would drop long enough to freeze?

Don’t take this as a surefire answer, but I think you will be fine. In my experience with those kind of temps, it takes more than a few hours to freeze things up at that temp. The warehouse should hold some heat in since it will only be that cold for a few hours. The only time our machine has ever frozen up was when it never got above freezing the entire day. Toss a blanket over it to to hold in any heat too.

That is my thought about the warehouse holding temp. It is a small area, I just hate to fill it up for one night. I can always put a heater in there and set it to 50 to keep the area warmer.

It’s getting cold here tonight, just ran some antifreeze through the machine just to be same!

I covered it with a heavy duty blanket to keep the heat in and turned on the heat in the office and left the door open to keep the temp up. It was 65 in there when I got there. It is only supposed to get to 30 for about 4 hours.

Should be good to go. Our garage is unheated and our temps have been as low as well below 0 on an off all winter with no issues. I keep a bottled water on the trailer as a visual guide and it never froze.

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Cdubbs, you didnt have any antifreeze in yours?

I do have mine antifreezed. I’m just saying with the bottled water as a indicator and it didn’t freeze he should be ok.

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I just blow mine out with air.

Where do you connect the air to on the pressure washer?

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I think it was Clearshine Maint. that designed this. From left to right… water supply then shutoff, air chuck w shutoff and antifreeze supply w shutoff.

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