Another tip of the day

It’s getting colder. Check your air pressure. 8 tires over 20 pounds low this morning


Another tip: just because waffles are pancakes with abs doesn’t mean they’re good for you.


Yes. My son told me last night

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High tech record keeping for oil changes


Paper and pen never need WiFi, rarely go down for maintenance, and never get hacked.

I put miles or hours for next oil change on my oil filters with paint pen too. It’s an old school hard drive back up. Lol

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Only Well Done Waffles

Used to be oil changes recommended at 3,000 miles…
now my stickers has next one at 4,500 miles??

I’m between 3 and 5 thousand. I figure oil upgrades have improved over the last 50 years. I think jiffy lube started the 3k oil change stuff.

Yep… Owners manuals all say between 5 and 7000 miles in all the vehicles I have had. Then jiffy lube came along… Marketing is a wonderful thing.

AMSOil in the Tundra. The guy comes once a year and changes it in my driveway.

I like fossil seepage


Oil. Black gold. Texas Tea

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I use Lucas oil in all my machines

I use Honda oil in machines. I put Quaker State 30w and a stp in every vehicle I owned until they finally stopped making it a couple years ago. O’riellys got me a pallet of it but it is gone now. I sold half to the shop I used to work at. Should have kept it.

Just as important as good oil, make sure to use a good oil filter!

Honda and mororcraft. And the oddball toyota

They don’t make STP anymore?

Quaker state 30w

Could have sworn I saw some Quaker state SAE 30 at Wal-Mart the other day…