Another tip of the day 3

Dave is a good guy. Just got a machine from my landa guy and is selling his spare

I’m at Roanoke VA , I need contact to him

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Advocating a pressure pro?

It’s 1500 bucks. He replaced it with a 10gpm udor on my stule frame

how many hours are they good for?

The Honda, probably 3500 hours if you replace the muffler. They have general pumps so that is a crap shoot. A good buy for the price. Skid is aluminum but you get what you pay for.

so, the pump is a crap shoot, got it. How many hours are they good for on an aluminum skid? I thought the cheap skid was the main issue with PP.

I’m just posting a good deal in a skid that a friend is selling. Everything else can be found by searching or just buyng the thing and seeing how long lastts. It’s 1500. That’s a a half day of work. Or a whole day by yourself. Point is, it’s cheap and will make you some money

Got it Thanks