Another skid build


Good stuff….those BE 690 skid?

No sir

Okay, I see a lot of the BE skids….seem available with the 690’s

Don’t just show us the pics!
How about some specs?

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Its our skid we produce in house. 8 gpm. Ar 45,midwest mixing valve, Titan reels, 285 hydrotec, 100 sh. 7 gallon soap. Side opening tool box.


What size is the buffer?

Its 285

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So these are custom made? Looks good.

That’s an amazing use of space. I’m impressed.

Love it! I’m working on its twin

Skid looks great. Did you build the fuel tank too?

Yes. We used to out them on the wing but they are a PIA to fill. So we made the tank to serve at the side. And dropped it down its 22 gallons

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Processing: 1652481832494_5335819725_9f92d8da_v1.jpg…
The tool box also opens from the side. I hate fitting the fold down doors

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Yeah, I hate our fold down boxes…the new truck is so high with the air-ride that I’m the only one who can actually reach into them, and I’m 6’5". I’d like to swap them to flip up, but just more things to go wrong…

You should think about making and selling those. I have to get out my step ladder if I want to reach deeper than 6" into mine.

I will build them any size you want.

Did you put a new skid on the new truck?

Can you share some numbers?? I know materials and labor costs are always going up but what would this skid cost. We were considering a skid like this for our next build

I didn’t add a truck yet this year, probably will wait until spring. We did 2 added skids last spring. My plan this year was to swap out the 5.5 off what is now our oldest setup to an 8 that matched everything else, but that can wait for the moment as well…