Another Pricing Question

I need a little help from some of the roof cleaners that do larger jobs (apartments). I need to submit a roof cleaning bid for an apartment complex. They want to start with one building and if it goes well they will get the rest done - total of 16 buildings. The building is about 170 feet long and 60 feet wide. Two story and asphalt shingles. Low pitch, easily walk-able and no access issues. I am looking at this as basically a big house. I want to bid it low enough to get it and the other 16 but still make some profit. Any ballpark prices from anyone? I am in Georgia if that helps. Should I give full price on the first and tell them I will discount for the rest or go ahead and lower the price now to try to secure them all?

My experience with roof cleaning is only residential houses. I already have the equipment. Oh yeah, the owner is getting ready to sell the property too.

TIA for any help.

Not sure on pricing but i would demo part of a building for free to go ahead and lock down the other buildings all at once.

What we did in the past with a condo roof jobs was we gave them the price of one roof, then discounted the roofs depending on how many we got. In your case I would give them what you charge for one roof and then discount them up to 25% if you got all the roofs.

Example would be if you charge $300 for one roof then give them 15% off for half the roofs so they come out to roughly $250/roof then 25% off for all the roofs so they cost $225/roof. This is an example of what we do. If there were 40 roofs involved we would give up to 30% off per roof.

Thanks guys.
That is a pretty good idea John. I’m not sure how I’m going to work this yet. I’ll figure something out. I really need this job. This could be a big payday for me.