Announcing Great News!

BidSlot Marketing, an internationally-recognized and respected contact center, is joining with Answerworx in a multi-faceted strategic partnership that combines the scale and reach of contact center solutions with the Answerworx answering service platform. Together, we can offer businesses around the world unprecedented access to the combined solutions they need.

The partnership will help businesses discover new solutions for their companies, connect with other businesses around the world and seamlessly share their experiences with businesses both online and offline.

We’re proud to be an Answerworx Partner. Answerworx and BidSlot believe that combining services and becoming more of a solution for businesses can creatively connect your business with people around the globe. The partnership will support that goal by creating unique customer experiences around the world that are fueled by growing sales in both new and existing markets.

For more information on Answerworx, please visit Answerworx Live Answering Service - Answerworx Live Answering Service.

We appreciate and value your business. With this new partnership, BidSlot has now become more of a solution for you and your company.

For all you customers out there BidSlottin every day, receive your first month free with a 12-month commitment for Answerworx answering service.

Call Answerworx at 864-641-4661 or 1-888-245-1835.
Call BidSlot at 864-504-3310 or 1-888-718-BIDS.

Cool stuff, Josh!

I use the answering service for GreasePro and it works great. Never fails, as soon as I leave the office I get a call for new business. Now instead of waiting until the next morning when I check my messages and allowing the customer time to call around, I get an email notification to my phone and am in touch with them within a few minutes of their call to set up a time to go out and look at the work. I’m preparing to conquer our local market for hood cleaning this year and will be using BidSlot to help with this also. I used to have the luxury of April working her magic within GreasePro, now I have to buy bids like everyone else. :slight_smile: It is amazing to see what she has been doing with BidSlot and Answerworx. Helping a lot of companies and owner operators manage their marketing and inbound calls.

Im signing up today… We miss a ton of calls after hours and on the weekend. Im looking forward to it.

This is an awesome service. I’ve been asked multiple times about setting up the exact same thing. Obviously it’s not what we do…but someone must, right? What did Adam say in Huntsville? It’s only great if you see the problem and fix it…

The resources have to be right, the knowledge has to be there, and the quality is key. I look forward to seeing this one play out. There’s a definite need to be filled.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

That’s awesome Chris Lambrinides. April is super excited to have All County Window Cleaning phones ringing to Answerworx. Great people working with great people make great business.