An Introduction

Hello all!

I have been lurking around reading on and off for months, and just registered.

Already I must say a huge thank you to this community for educating me in some areas so I didn’t have to learn the expensive way.

After over a decade of my “professional” career in manufacturing, I am closer than ever to setting out on my own. Initially out of high school I wanted to attempt a service business to include exterior cleaning but was eventually caught up in the convenience of a secure paycheck and benefits. Finished college, kept my head down and worked away, got the promotions / new roles with higher paying companies, but was still incredibly unhappy.

It’s the usual story I suppose. After a recent attempt at consulting ended early, I am faced with either jumping back into a world that I fear will not work out again, or finally own and follow through with my own business.

So here I am. Doing as much research as possible. This forum has helped inform me on preferred equipment, and increased my understanding of the process a great deal beyond my homeowner point of view. The main area of concern that is still left for me to study is the reclaimation of waste water; it has always seemed like a major (and growing) liability to address.

Look forward to being involved here, thank you for reading my boring post!



Welcome, Mark. I’m just starting out as well so I know how intimidating it can be. Remember your three H’s and do good work and the rest will come with time.

Be humble, be honest and be hungry.


Thank you. Excellent advice there, three H’s, can’t go wrong there.

What brought you here / motivated you to become involved in this industry?

I’ve been involved in the pressure washing industry for a few years now but in an entirely different capacity. I moved to a new state and absolutely hated my boss so I started making moves to work for myself again. I’ve never enjoyed making other people copious amounts of money and being handed the scraps. Also, if you don’t get some type of enjoyment out of pressure washing things then there’s something wrong with you LOL

I feel the same way, but can never write something this touching.:rofl:

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Where did you guys get “the 3 H’s” from? I like it.

Honestly, I have no idea where I heard that but it was fairly recent and it stuck with me. I have always tried to live that way but had never put it in words before.


You’d be amazed at the extent of their application.


Hello Mark,

I enjoyed reading your post. I have the feeling you are going to do just fine. Unfortunately I am not the one to answer your questions concerning reclaimation. Just like you I have been lurking around and reading everything I can find, along with watching video after video. This is my first year in the industry. I am just about finished with my trailer setup. For the last 28 years I have enjoyed a successful LE career. Although i have not retired just yet, I want to make my best attempt to start a successful small business. Many guys retire and go back to the department to work part-time. I have this crazy notion of working for myself while helping others. Mark I will be keeping an eye out for your future post and want to wish you much success.


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I’m not sure where that gif is from, but it is hilarious. Thanks!

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Thank you AJ! Definitely understand that itch to work for yourself. The desire to start something and grow in areas where you haven’t been tested before. That, or live with the regret of not trying.

I am still receiving the occasional interview request call…the impulse side of me says “hey, get your foot in the door, maybe it will be different this time!”

But… the realist in me says I’ll only be happy on my own endeavor. Despite that, still a bit unnerving to have the finances stacked against you while starting something new.

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