Amount of h2o to wash house

Hello! Anyone have a good idea or rough idea with how much water it takes to dk your average house wash? Every now and then I am asked if I bring my own due to well issues. Let’s say the house 2000sf…

Well depending on your machine output GPM and how fast you are. If you are running a 4gpm machine and using a 200 buffer tank you will have 50 minutes of trigger time. Most guys are running a 8gpm machine giving 25minutes of trigger time.

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I understand the math… Let’s stick with a 4 to maybe 5.5 GPM machine… How much should it take… Roughly?

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Everyone has different washing techniques which will effect water usage, but I would say “average” house would be around 400gal

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I figure about a dollar a gallon.

A small house wash would be in the 400 gallon range as mentioned above. We do a fair amount that we carry the water to and most can be done with the 500 on the truck.

Washing with hauled water will make you a more conservative washer.

Thanks Tim & fairway…

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I would say 275 to 400 depending on the degree of dirt / Algae.

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