Amateur Looking for Initial Input on Property

Looking to add pressure washing to my business. Long story short I do commercial/construction/residential cleaning. I have been asked for a price to pressure wash the concrete in addition to the interior cleaning.

This Taco Bell pictured is the location in question…

I am wondering what a good starting price for this would be as for I am being hired by the renovating construction company not the owners of the restaurant.

Should I try and get in touch with owners and secure a bimonthly or quarterly contract? If so what’s a ball park price after the initial clean?

It doesn’t appear it’s been cleaned in 3-5 years. It’s all concrete on the property.

My gut was telling me to start at $600

Current setup is a Craftsman 3000 PSI, 2.4GPM cold water system. I have also purchased a 14.5 inch SurfaceMaxx stainless steel rotating surface cleaner attachment for $150 from Lowes along with a forward nozzled spraying device for $70 to help me rinse + the orange concrete cleaner they sell at Lowe’s for like $20

Hopefully this one question will help me have an idea to gauge the next project so I can add pressure washing as well.

Thanks for any and all assistance!

I would have to add at least another zero to that price if I was using a 2.4 gpm machine……. Spend some time reading up on here and you will see the light

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To be honest your setup will not work for that property. I suggest either renting a hot water washer or passing it to a company that has one and getting a small percentage back.


What’re your thoughts on this rental for the job. Considering charging $950 for the job and using the fact that it hasn’t been done in many many years to justify the higher price due to needing more powerful equipment. Then hopefully once it’s in shape I can try and get with the owners to maintain it for $300 a visit.

Looking at renting a 4.7 GPM, 3500 PSI Hot Water System. Tow it behind truck and has a 250 gallon tank as well. For $285/day. Seems like a decent price. I was expecting the rental to be about $500 for something like that…

Rental in question:

Line up a handful of jobs and then rent that rig for the week and you could probably make enough to get you a somewhat decent setup of your own going.

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They have that same exact rig here for rent. It’ll do a lot better than yours, just be sure to rent a 16" surface cleaner too.