Am I missing something, or is this a heck of a deal?

Realize it is not Hannay or Titan…but isn’t that a good deal?

GP Reel

I’ve been using it for almost a year now with no issue, but the reason it’s so cheap is because it huuuge and I imagine not very many people buy them. As soon as I get some more cash freed up I’m going to use this as a garden hose reel and get a smaller reel for my pressure hose.

I own one and you get what you pay for. It’s a crappy, flimsy reel made of thin steel and marginal bearings. I don’t use mine for pressure applications, only for my soft wash system hose.

Not when you have to buy another one in a year and you could have a better one for $300 for the next decade.

Good enough for 150’ of flexilla or still not worth it?

Steve nailed it. I don’t do a lot of roofs or use the 12v a ton. I’d probably buy it for the once a week we need to unreel 50’ of kuri tec hose if I didn’t already have one.

If your reels get used 4 or 6 or 8 times a day or you think you might need to in the future buy better reels.

We use cox reels and have been really happy with them minus the powder coat flaking off. And they get used 4-8 times a day. I think I paid $196/reel.

I ordered an 18" Hannay off of sprayer depot. $250 with free shipping. The reel was at my door in 4 days. The model number is 1526-17-18. It says it can hold 400’ of 3/8" or 200’ of 5/8" inner diameter. You can step up to the 22" for the same price.

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I have 2 of them and 2 300s.
Look at my reel pics, the one that holds the garden hose is about 8yrs old.

After installing the Hannay’s in Tyler’s trailer my only complaint was the coating. Except it was rubbing off. Not flaking.

But I did like them and they’re built better than the cox reels.

Thanks, gonna hold out…hope to be a regular part timer then who knows! So better be patient and buy for the long haul.

Really appreciate the input!

Cool… Will look into those.

Thanks much!

I cant seem to find a Hannay reel rated for more than 3000PSI, My machine is 4gpm 4200psi.

You will be fine with the 3000

Hannay has reels over 3000psi, but I couldn’t find them advertised much. You can call Hannay and they can give you part numbers for what your looking for and then you can check with a distributor for pricing. I will say though that when I did this the prices were higher and I ended up just going with Titan reels.

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If you want to go up to the 5000 psi Hannay reel it’s about $50 more. The only difference is they swap out the 3000 psi super swivel for a 5000 psi super swivel. You can always just order the 5000 psi super swivel separate and then you’ll also have a 3000 psi as a back up.

If you want to order the Hannay reel with the 5000 psi super swivel already attached you can email or call Sprayer Depot. The only reason I say Sprayer Depot is because I emailed them about it before I ordered. They said they don’t have it listed on their website but you can order it from them. I’m sure you can do the same from any other dealer.

I just went with the 3000 psi after all of the pros on here said it was fine. I’m sure the 3000 psi is built to withstand 10k psi. With everyone being so sue happy these days they have to label things to cover their butts. I’m sure the government is involved somewhere in there too.

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I have a few of these, been very happy with them.
That’s a good deal.

Not sure where to find the pics of your hose reels. Getting ready to order a hose reel for the pw hose. Thanks!