Am I crazy?

I watched a video someone made about home advisor on here and how they generate leads. In this video mold removal was an option. Am I crazy or does this seem like a mess waiting to happen. Also since you the contractor isant really involved with this step are you still liable? If I’m going all flat earth over here please feel free to stop me!!!

Hey bud! Read this on a fellow power washer! I don’t know the guy personally but I found this on the web. From what it seems some people are referring to the mold spores on your roof.

Perfect power wash is the advertising hor of my market. They overcharge and pester people into hating the idea of pressure washing professionals and chase them into home depot to DIY with no regard for anything but their bottom line. They over saturate the market and simply move on when they have their fill like a pregnant pig. If you take anything from reading their website, take the fact that even they are smart enough not to say they explicitly remove mold from your home. It’s a carefully worded explotation crafted by a legal expert at a marketing firm.

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I think it’s fine for two reasons. If it’s outside in open air and even gets a little bit of sunlight and it’s on a house it’s likely algae or moss, 99 times out of 100.

Most people call it mold though because they don’t know. You’re not cleaning mold. You’re cleaning algae. Use it as an opportunity to educate your customer.

If YOU use the word mold… that’s probably a whole new ball of wax.

LOL I’m in New Jersey and I see them everywhere!

Ive tried to take it out of my vocabulary completely becuse it seems like a mess waiting to happen. I was never sure of the legal technicalities of it but I figured it was a bad idea. I didnt want to hijack your thread @JonathanMedina so I deleted my comment and started a different one.

You see perfect power wash In new jersey?

I’m on their subcontractor list. They’ve seemed fair in their dealings with me, but I’m also a couple states away.

I’ve seen their ADs here and they’re a monster in terms of general SEO for any keywords regarding power washing on google. I don’t think they’re all around the US @Sharpe

So they book work out of state and sub it out? @squidskc have you done work for them in kc?

I’m not saying they are unfair to contractors, or that they are even unfair to customers… people pay what they pay… I feel like they pay entirely too much. I get complaints from customers on a weekly basis that the wont stop calling…they have to be blocked from there phone.

I haven’t been able to take the work they’ve offered, but the contract and bid was on the up and up. Chatted with them a couple times on the phone. One time they asked if I was available to go to Idaho which I would’ve done in a heartbeat if I wasn’t book.

That’s insane. I’ve had conversations with a few of the bigger vendors in my area that made good points about them. Main one being their advertisement has gone a long way to educate the public about the benefit of house roof cement etc washing. These things were done long before I even stepped foot into the pressure washing field. Pros and cons. I dont know the ownership or anyone that works their personally either. I only know what my customers tell me, and a lot of them have not so nice things to say.

Their tactics drive buisness my way so I guess I shouldnt complain too much, but I had no idea they subbed work out of state.

They r my best salesman where im at lol

In Arkansas, mold removal requires licensing. Maybe that is what you are referring to, by mess waiting to happen.

I agree, it is probably a mess waiting to happen unless you are a licensed mold removal service.

I worked in mold remediation. I had told a coworker about how bad the black mold was in this particular unit. The homeowner was in listening distance, I didnt realize it. A nearby attorney (defending the builder) asked if i was a licenced microbiologist. I said no. He then very seriously and stearnly exclaimed that I had no business saying the word mold if I dont have the credentials and to keep my mouth shut. I was 20, didnt know better. He did say that the term “growth” would be ok.

Kinda how we refer to SH as “soap” when telling coworkers to turn the soap up lol. I had to train my wife on that! First time I heard he yell out “turn up the bleach” I about died lol