Am I cool yet?

I’ll tell y’all this after reading a whole lot on this forum, and watching YouTube and talking to pros, 4gpm REALLY makes a difference, opted out on getting the Simpson I posted a few days ago and got this instead used from a older fella for a really decent price. I honestly thought my little 6.5 hp ridged was “good” I thought 2.8 gpm was good too, until I actually used this 4gpm, I made plenty of money with the ridged setup but driveways and House washing was DEAD SLOW. I’m talking about we spent 4 to 5 hours on one Driveway I did my Driveway in a fraction of that. I’m excited to grow my business, good bunch of info on this forum.

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Wait until you feel the 5.5 then & then 8.(I’ve stopped @ 8) I can’t imagine using a 2.8 …But we all need to start somewhere! Continue to grow!


I couldn’t even imagine lol. Yeah the 2.8 sucked it’s still going to be put to work, I love me some 4gpm

Plumb them together like @Steve !

Hopefully ill be right behind ya over the winter… will be making the same exact step up as you.

Hopefully im as happy stepping up.

It makes a huge difference I thought the 1.2 gpm difference was all b.s, no its huge. I love it.

How lol

There’s a video in here somewhere use the search function

I started with a 4gpm @ 4000psi belt drive… I used it for a few months and then purchased the 8gpm @ 3500psi… Man was my world changed, I haven’t used the 4gpm since. I’m thinking about mounting it on my flatbed on a skid with softwash set up as a back up.

You are cool in my book.

You have to start somewhere. Haven’t been in the industry for long but my first machine was a 3.5GPM @4000 psi from Northstar. Racked up a few jobs and paid it off and went and bought me an 8GPM machine. Night and day difference. Love it so far, increased productivity greatly.