Always keep extra buckets in the trailer


I don’t allow these ladders on my campus… AT ALL!!


OMG I would hate to see if this person fell down…horrible images running through my head…DANGEROUS


Unfortunately I was dispatched to a call 6 years ago for a young man who fell about 15 foot from a ladder. When we arived on scene he was alive but very shortly after stopped breathing. I was at the head bagging him in the squad all the way to the er. He did not survive that day and I will never forget the dramatic and painful last moments of his life. It was still to this day the most traumatic scene I have worked in regards to life saving procedures we performed.

Ladder safety is nothing to mess around with.


I’ve seriously pondered wearing a helmet when on a ladder.


When you hit flat and your ribs splinter into your lungs a helmet only keeps your head alive enough to feel the pain more.


I shouldnt be reading this while in my tree stand.
Your stories are scaring me. I wouldn’t wear a hard hat. Rather die than be paralyzed and wife have to change mine and the kids diapers. Only way to be safe is a safety harness/suspension system OR get really good at parkour.


Hard hat statement is completely false! A falling bolt or drill or hammer won’t likely paralyze you. A cinder block? Yea maybe!


You are on a roll today… lol.


anything moving?


First deer big doe. She was tickled to death lol
Now she wants a buck. Hope she don’t kill all my deer.


I had that big 3 legged buck at 50 yards tonight. He’s a donkey in person!


Head shot?


Didnt want to take the shot with the compound?


Yeah. That’s what I was wondering.


First shot was a little high she was so nervous and excited. Caught the spine and dropped it. I noticed right away and told her. She chambered a round and brained it with then 5 secs.(50 yards at least) I got the chills a little. Better not piss her off :joy::joy:


I will not shoot a buck at 50 yards. 40 is my limit. I wounded a monster about 6 years ago at 49 yards. He crouched when he heard the snap and I hit him really high. Tracked him for 2 days with 4 guys. He was spotted the 3rd day back on the neighbors property still alive and walking.

I practice 60 yard shots and I’m consistent all day. usuially the does aren’t on as high alert and don’t react to the string sound quite as fast as the mature bucks.

I have a hundred videos of him on the property. He’s not going anywhere. I’ll wait for a better shot if I decide to shoot him. A little bit of me knows he needs another year to grow.


Sounds like you hit him in the shoulder muscle. Ya I dont take shots unless I am 100% sure. Had some bad shot when I was younger that made me upset. I dont like animals to suffer.


No, right above the lungs between lungs and spine there’s a good “dead space” that won’t kill a deer. He will remember it for a long time but won’t die. Most does jump and most bucks duck. Trick it to have them close enough that their reaction time doesn’t decide their fate.

Patients is a virtue lol


Crossbow brings the pain, just saying.


Holy moly… just saw on a VA whitetail page.