Always keep extra buckets in the trailer


Home Depot buckets save the day @SchertzServicesLLC


Nope nope and nope.


I hosted Werner ladder coming to campus for a ladder safety class and they showed this picture lol


Dude had to have had beach balls between his legs to get up there.


Yall make it thru storm ok?


How’s the baby? You been changing diapers and not getting any sleep lol


Baby is good, its mind blowing how many diapers she goes through… we are fighting an uphill battle with her wanting to sleep without being held. But im not complaining.


It’s hard to break that once you start. Since ours really couldn’t be held much the first 40 days she was used too it. But we did it enough times she requires it the first 20 minuets lol


I had one so bad today that it made me sick. I have an iron stomach for gore and stuff but man…


Yeah she is getting little better at times, but others not so much.


Good deal :+1: Sounds like fun!! I remember the looks I got from my wife the first couple I changed lol


Years ago we went to a house with an amoeba-shaped indoor pool with two story windows. I was just a WC noob, and witnessed the veteran guy drop a 2x12 plank across the pool and extend a ladder up to the windows. To this day it makes my guts clench thinking about it.


The first two weeks we come home she slept most of the time. We said this is going to be easy she is going to be laid back. But ever since then like the Energizer Bunny just keeps going lol


At least if he fell he had a chance at landing in the water.


Or a pea sized brain lol


Why didnt you hold the ladder for him.


He just asked that I stand on the board at the end.

He built windows for 25 years then cleaned them for another 20. Amazing guy.



That guy laughing at the end. I couldn’t tell if that wheezing noise was coming from the video or me :rofl:


Hahahaha “ok NOW its locked in place”