Always do a little extra

Kind of a funny story. I was doing a rush order on a house wash. I didn’t think much of it at the time as it was business as usual but I noticed her driveway looked good, and she had a secondary parking area where it looked clean, and In between there was stairs which looked awful. I was a little dumbfounded at what the story was with that but… I don’t know about you guys …I see weird stuff all the time and just continue on with my day and cleaning. This woman was having a celebration of life for her husband and company coming tomorrow so she wanted it done and to look good for her guests. I went to the truck and knocked out that dirty section connecting the two areas. Took me maybe 10 minutes. Did my thing, collected my check, and left.

Fast forward to today. I’m scrolling through facebook.and see an ad for a local pressurewasher. Another company new to me that I’ve never heard about and seems somewhat professional! Cool! I begin stalking their photos to see what they are all about. I come across this…

Well…this just got real. They must have been at her house before I was there as they cleaned the main driveway, extra spot, and then left the connecting area dirty. Mystery solved! :joy: It hadn’t crossed my mind she had someone else do it and then called me for other work.

Id be interested to see her thoughts on someone doing a little extra vs someone who didn’t and how she felt after each job was completed. I’m not going to ask her but hopefully got her business in the long run! It only took 10 minutes or so but I’ll bet she noticed it was still dirty after her concrete was washed.

On an unrelated matter, the backdrop of that mountainside is gorgeous.

Might like this one then. Took on the last nice evening we’re going to have for another 8 months probably :joy:

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Maybe it’s an Alaska thing, but that driveway still looks like it needs work. I’m sure you wouldn’t have left it like that. Go the extra mile, do really good work for a reasonable price, word gets around.

Im sure it could have been done better. I didnt even take before/after of what i did because it was just a quick extra thing. It was the difference of the two levels of dirty that got me. I mean youre out there with a surface cleaner…clean up the connection in between. Would take you a few minutes.

Hopefully doing those little things put me ahead of others. I have really been trying to focus on acts of service as a goal instead of making money and trusting that the money will come.

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Oh I didn’t realize you did that, sorry. Thought it was the other guy.