Aluminum siding

Is it OK to clean aluminum siding or metal siding the same way as vinyl.
I soft wash. Just wondering if sh will hurt it

No it shouldn’t but oxidation is your big worry.

Could you explain the oxidation

Older Painted Aluminum Siding - HW Tips Please

Question Hello and a question about chalking.

large aluminum sided house converted into insurance office

Thanks for your help

Let me ask you one more question. I have tried simple cherry but before I was done with house the pink color was gone and it crystallized on bottom of tank. I put it in when I got there…
Also am trying elemonator. From Bob. But seems I have to add more than an ounce per gallon to get any smell and it is not very soapy

What is a good soap to sh or am I not adding enough. Thanks again Thad

The pink gets bleached out by theSH, no big deal. The crystals are forming from the SH, and that’s normal also. Evaporation of SH turns it into salt crystals. As far as Elemonator, that’s what I now use and I like it. Make sure you have your mix right and you should be good to go.

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I guess that is my question. What is best mix
I use 12.5. Sh 3 gallons and 2 h20. And 5 ounces of elemonator just not very soapy or smell

Have you tried Freshwash from

No. Is it better

eliminator from pressure teck best stuff out their IMO

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If your wanting more soap and cling go with snot along with you FW or Terminator…

Too many suds = unneeded rinsing.
Elemonator is best at this time that I have ever used. Freshwash coming in second place.

[MENTION=6943]Pressure Wash[/MENTION]
OK. So what amount do you put elemonator in per gallon

And. I have to wash a single wide mobile home metal siding blue in color. What is best way to clean this brush. Or will sh not hurt it
Normally I would not want to clean a trailer but I am doin all his houses and he wants trailer cleaned as well

Thanks for your help

I use 1 oz per gallon. My house wash mix is 2 gallons h2o and 2 gallons 12% and 4 oz Elemonator. Then down-stream with 8gpm. Metal siding will clean the same as vinyl. Down-stream mix then rinse low pressure.

1 once per gallon if downstreaming, or 1/2 once per gallon for X-jet. Shouldn’t be a problem on a trailer , I’m assuming vinyl siding. Blue is a bad color for oxidation, so educate your customer of “pre” oxidation before cleaning. If its aluminum, same thing with oxidation on the blue color. Chalky, whitish blue from sun damage.

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Thanks again.

how did the trailer come out Baker? I have a small aluminum job this week, worried a about the oxidation too.

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Came out great cleaned it up nice took a little extra rinseing where some oxidized color was running but cleaned it good. Just rinse a lot it and white the blue ran a little

awesome glad it was a success. mine is all white doesn’t seem to be chalky so hopefully I can clean rinse and go.