Aluminum showing on fascia

So I used chem on the fascias and soffiting, then some of the aluminum started to really show once I rinsed it off. I went to an untreated area and saw some light exposure of the aluminum, so I guessed it was from oxidation. Is this accurate or was this on me?

You may have waited a bit to long removing the chemical you used. That flashing was probably a lot older then the drip edge on top which was put on with a new roof an took the chemical a lot better. That black is tar and asphalt drippings which you will find on many roofs without gutters. The stuff wipes off quite easy with a good gutter cleaner and a rag but sprayed on and left a bit to long will result in your problem. If its only in a small area a bit of semi gloss white spray paint will help you. If its all around, get out your paint brush.

that should have said many fascias without gutters

Were you cleaning the fascia separately or did you just hit with hw mix?

I hit the soffiting first because it had think buildup, and I noticed it then. Some of the fascia was fine but other areas it just came right off. I checked untreated areas and the aluminum was already showing through. It was an older house.

Y, I don’t think you did that. If just a hw mix pretty much know you didn’t.

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Thank you for your input, I value your knowledge and experience. Im still a little green in this industry so the more the better.

While we are on the subject I have run into tar lines that I couldnt even get to lighten by scrubbing at it. I tried a few cleaners, what works for you? Is there times that its just stained and needs to be painted?

Spray paint? :slightly_smiling_face:

Search for “oxidized gutters”

While doing a pre walk around on a house with the home owner recently, I noticed paint peeling and discoloring on his fascias in random places. He told me that there was a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer that made the product. You may want to check into this.

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This may help.