Aluminum Horse Trailer, 2 Step process

Good afternoon forum,

So I’ve been lurking here for a bit and I’ve been able to find most of the answers to my questions by using the search bar but I have one that I’ve done a little research on and haven’t really found the answer for my situation.

I have three aluminum horse trailers that I will be cleaning in a couple weeks (I’m away for my other job right now). I had my wife pick up some aluminum brighter (50/50) and truck wash (4-1) from our local supplier. The ratios shown are what they recommend. They recommended doing a two step process, aluminum brighter first and then apply truck wash after let those two dwell and rinse. The way I’ll be applying is using a 2gal pump Sprayer for the aluminum brighter and then DS the truck wash. Questions I have:

-Does that method sound decent enough to get me started?

-Should each step get its own dwell time or apply first and then second and let dwell together right away?

-What should be the approximate dwell time?

-from what I’ve read, sometime brushing is needed. Is that with a stiff bristle or go on the soft side?

I’ll absolutely do a test spot before going to town. I have no photos of the trailers yet, my wife is working that part. I’m working with a 5/3 cold water set up. (Having a new tailer being built right now)

Thanks for your time and if I’m forgetting anything please let me know. I look forward to hearing back.

Just use your black soap tip then DS your #1 then immediately DS your #2 , no dwell time then rinse with 40° tip. We use 2 soap lines via 3 way ball valve because the soap will neutralize the acid before it hits the surface being cleaned rendering your whole process useless. So don’t use one soap line for your acid and soap. We 2 step everything because we’re truck washers not house washers. If there’s brushing involved it means you chems suck. If thats the case call Hydrochem systems in Michigan and talk to Chad Reiffer if this is gonna be a career move for you business.

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Thanks for the information!

I’ll give that process a go and see how it works out. Once again thank you and I’ll hope back on here once the job is complete and give an update.