Almost fall off a roof this morning :(

I had a handheld blower and was off balance. Scared the crap outta me.

So I got this to help.

Stihl BG150 is what you want. You don’t want all that extra weight on your back messing with your center of gravity. You can drop a handheld blower anytime you feel uneasy can’t drop that big thing.


Hand held is much safer. You can always drop it or throw it down. You can switch hands top blow in direction of wind. Backpack raises center of gravity when bending over. My guys are not allowed to use them on a roof


The weight of this is not bad at all. I was thinking about adding another one to lift off and hover if needed. Kinda of like Buck was able to do.

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Great, now you tell me?!

Do you still do roofs?

I don’t wash roofs but we do around 9500 gutter cleaning annually by walking the roofs with blowers

What’s the best mix to cleanup the gutters?

Cleaning out gutters is what i meant. I don’t offer gutter face cleaning. If it comes clean witj the housewash mix, great. But I don’t scrub gutters.

Thank you sir for the clarification.

I was only kidding about the Buck thing…but it actually worked and is flipping awesome!

Ya i wouldn’t walk on a pitched roof with that thing on my back, at least not without a good life insurance policy for the wife and kids

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