All I smell is bleach

So I’m still somewhat new to this industry but I did a job today a big house wash. Now, even after a shower , new clothes and several hours since the job all I smell is bleach. My hand smell I’ve scrubbed them several times I feel like the odor is in my nostrils lol is this normal? I didn’t spill any sh, I didn’t spray myself. It seems like this happens every time

That’s the smell of money


Good gloves will go a long way. Nitrile coated work gloves are awesome if you can find some you like. I am also very fond of the wide brimmed hat I recently bought that helps keep the sun, rain & everything else off of me. These things are up there with the cooler full of ice.

After a few years you won’t even notice it.

It just took me a couple jobs. I don’t know if that’s good or bad! First job, I tasted SH for 3 days haha.

You don’t even realize it until your standing in line to get your lunch and everyone is looking at you funny and backing away . This works very well to move you to the front of the line to get you the heck out of there restaurant


The day I stop smelling like bleach is the day I’ve either gone totally broke or my wallet is so full I need a team of forklifts to carry it around

Wear good nitrile gloves. Not the Harbor Freight ones either. I like the black ones from Lowe’s. I think they’re called Venom Steel. I buy them by the case.

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Well you are a dainty kind of guy. Sheesh. Bet you won’t catch me or or IBC wearing gloves, at least not in the summer.


I learned real quick that I don’t like smelling like bleach 24/7 and the gloves changed all of that overnight so I’m not going back lol


My clothes go in the washer presoaked in detergent. No tide pods needed here . Helps keep my house free from millennials


Listen at you!! Get you some of these unless you’re a glutton for punishment. Best wash gloves you could wish for…

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After a day of not washing my hands lose that odor.

My shirt smells like a banshee but the $$$ in my hand makes me forget that.

That my friend is what money smells like. Learn to love it. If it smells like bleach i just got paid.

I’m not sure why y’all are spraying bleach on your hands or getting your hands wet.


Wash your hands, or whatever else smells of bleach, with soap and vinegar. Bleach smell will go away, and you won’t smell like vinegar just fyi.

I wasn’t super intrigued in this thread until I got in the shower tonight and started smelling bleach. My shower filter needed to be changed but I realized that “smell” of evaporated tap water never smelled like bleach to me before I started washing houses. Olfactory adaptation is one of the names of this phenomenon in conjunction with phantosmia. Your sense of smell is very intertwined with memory and emotion so when you identify a smell (SH) with a certain memory/feeling like washing houses (making money) your brain will pick up on that smell more often. This happened to me after my first week of washing houses. Walked into the gym locker room and the cleaner they use which normally smelled repulsive just smelled like bleach. Smell association is very powerful. Thought it was interesting enough to share my 5th grade research on olfactory sensations.

But you will get used to it after a couple days. Bleach smells good to me now which is a shame because I’m really trying to hold on to my last 4 brain cells

I’m gonna try those, right after i finish my home depot brand. I cant find may gloves that fit. especially my fingers.

But seriously, why are y’all getting bleach on your hands?

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