All 4 Jrod tips draw soap from 2 different DS injectors

Ok, since it’s a bit quiet, let me try this question here. I tried at reddit a couples days ago, but all of the resident “gurus” are silent.

5gpm/3,000psi machine. Bought the Jrod for 5-6gpm machines. The fan Tip and Shooter Tip soap nozzles both draw soap as they should. The Fan Tip and Shooter Tip rinse nozzles that should NOT draw soap…do draw soap. Less, but they still draw soap.

I have tried this multiple times and with 2 different DS injectors (GP Hi_draw and the “adjustable DS injector” that came with the machine). The 40° white tip that came with the machine does NOT draw soap, but the 65° soap tip does, so those work as they are suppose to.

The only thing I can think of is that I received the wrong tips with the Jrod for the machine I have 5-6gpm. → Edit: After checking their website, category and pictures…I received the tips that correspond with the 5-6gpm Jrod setup that I ordered, so it seems correct.

Only other possibility that I can think of is not enough soap. I was using only maybe 1oz of Dawn to 5gal of water. I was not “working”. I was running and getting use to the machine and setup, so I was just using a minimal amount of soap to create some suds…so I could apply and then “rinse”. Problem is that the rinse nozzles draw soap also.

Any ideas?

Using a nozzle calculator that medium pressure fan 2515 is only putting out about 650psi so yeah, it’s going to draw soap. The shooter tip, if my calcs are correct, is putting out about 450psi.

I’m using a 1500psi fan tip for my 8gpm and it marginally draws soap, but then again I don’t worry about that having a remote injector.

Also you’re using a GX390, what pump is on it? Direct, belt or gear drive? Do you have a pressure gauge?

Back pressure is what defeats the venturi & prevents draw. A 2515 will pull soap on my 6.8 gpm if I use less than 200 feet of hose. Best practice is to turn off soap at the trailer with a ball valve or other method & rinse with soap nozzles but a 2510 will definitely prevent draw for you. I keep a few j rods in the tool box & plan on putting one more together.

Ok, so what is the psi cutoff for not drawing soap? What do I need? A 2510 (should be ~1,000psi)?

Understood, but 1 of the “benefits” of using a Jrod is switching between soap/no-soap on the go without needing to stop and go back to the machine or have a remote, etc. My rinse nozzles drawing soap defeats all of that. The only way I can get it to stop drawing soap is to go back and pull the draw tube out of the soap bucket.

GX390 with a belt-drive Comet FW2 5030 pump - 5gpm/3,000psi. It is actually pushing over 5gpm, but that’s the rating.

It’s this machine: 3,000 PSI - 5.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer with Honda GX390 Engine and Comet Triplex Pump

Yes, I have set the pressure at the unloader and checked it multiple times. It jumps to ~3,200psi and then settles to ~3,000psi in a few seconds.

So, what do I need to do? Swap out the 2515 and 0015 for 2510 and 0010?

Ok, that is something that may be the problem. Since I am just working on my setup and familiarizing myself with everything, I am currently only using the 50’ of psi hose that came with the machine. I have 200’ more (100’ x 2) that will be the standard part of my setup, but I have not incorporated it yet, because there’s been no reason to. The 50’ does what I need to do to get familiar with everything.

So, should adding the 200’ of psi hose eliminate the current rinse nozzles drawing soap, and things go to working as they should with the Jrod?

At 5 gpm it’s doubtful. You’ll get a much better rinse with soap nozzles. My injector goes to a nylon T with one side going to the buffer tank & the other to the soap with a ball valve on each side so I can adjust the mix on the fly. It also rinses the guts in the injector every time I turn off the soap so the injectors last way longer than they used to. Not to mention how much SH I save. Both valves wide open will pull 2 parts water to 1 part SH. Also, use something other than Dawn for surfactant. I love Elemonator but plenty of folks around here use laundry detergent.

Ok, so do you stop and go back to your trailer? Or do you have a remote?

:+1: I know. Dawn is just what I had handy. I also have a large bottle of Gain dish soap which is suppose to be SH friendly. I expect to pick up a 5 gal pail of Slo Mo before too much longer. :+1:

And, in short, the 200’ of hose will hurt the soap nozzles’ ability to draw soap?

I do walk back to the trailer but it’s just a couple trips per job & a good opportunity to wave to the neighbors & get a sip of cold water. You won’t have any issues pulling soap with that much hose. Shorter hoses clear soap out of the lines faster & perform a little better as far as flow & psi. If you don’t have hose reels, you’ll soon discover a 50 footer is 5 times easier to roll up than a 100 footer. I have reels & still prefer 50’s. Also whenever you get tired of the recoil a ZK1 unloader will make your life easier.

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I feel that the math doesn’t math on that :joy:

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They are great if you’re looking for a workout.

Try hand rolling a 200 footer. It’s brutal.


done it. i would roll as much as i could hold, then lie it on ground and roll it there too with my foot holding the loops from unraveling. its especially “brutal” when the hose wants to turn opposite way instead.


My first boss 27 years ago didn’t use hose reels. So we rolled everything by hand. There’s definitely a technique for doing it quick and efficiently. But his were 50 footers.

But I had a 200 footer early on and it was a beast to roll up. I’d have to stretch it out so it wouldn’t get looped around and tangled. I felt I was practically halfway home just walking that hose out so I could roll it up.

Now I have reels. (And I use 100’ sections.)