Algae on deck

We’ve had a lot of rain the past two years and a lot of my customers keep asking if I can get this off their decks…without doing the whole thing.

I had another today with the same issue but she has a bluish paint on the wood and is nervous any bleach will streak it.

That’s bull. Do it all or tell um have a nice day. That be like my customers saying, can you just wash the truck, the trailer is not that bad. In that pic you can do the house as well ,cause it frickin nasty looking

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I would do all of it or none of it.
I don’t think that you can get that off without it being apparent that part of the deck was cleaned and part wasn’t .

I don’t like wood, anyway and normally pass on doing it because I don’t know much about it and have even less desire to learn. Not much wood around here anyway. However, I have thought seriously about doing some work about 100 mies away…in the area around our lake home…most of that would be wood. So, if I am gonna do much of that, I will have to learn more about it.

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The run off of house wash mix will kill that mildew just doing the house wash. I usually wet a deck first and fan out hw mix on the deck so there’s not so much of a “clean spot” against the house. People are cheap and annoying. But some of the mildew will come off just doing the house wash.


Yeah, I don’t like to half-bake anything either, she recognizes the deck is in rough shape. She really just wants to kill the slimy algae though. The whole back of her house is covered.

You just bought a brand new machine. It ain’t gonna make you coin doing half decks bud. My 2 cents

I don’t know how to drive this Ferrari yet though!:laughing:

They’re installing it Friday afternoon. I have to get all new nozzles for my jrod and SC, along with a new injector.

Lol. Let me borrow it to rinse trucks in a nasty gravel parking lot for 6 months. I’ll break it in for ya. Won’t be a Ferrari fur long