Airport jet fuel residue

Cleaning a house by an airport and home owner stated jet fuel residue attaches to home…used 2% sh on stucco and rinsed from low pressure up to green tip. If a brush is used it “comes off” but needs multiple scrubs. Is there a product that can be used on thisnwhere pressure isnt needed?

man o man. jet fuel is a kerosene. You can use murphy oil soap, but not sure if agitation or softwash can so it. test it. thats what Ive found.

A good degreaser with heat if you have.

I work in private aviation and specialize within the fuel area.

Purple Power is your friend and will clean jetfuel like its nothing. Depending on the surface, dilute it, or use it straight.

I would imagine most degreases will work pretty well.

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Also diluting a bit of dawn dish soap in water and spraying it over fuel makes the rainbow oil sheen go away.

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