Aircraft Hanger Door Clean - TIPS?

Curious if anyone has a recommendation on cleaning process or chemicals to use on Para-Port® commercial fabric hangar door. The company said to use light detergent and a soft cloth. When I called them, they didnt give much help and just said not to use pressure.

The building owner is happy with simply applying some dawn like soap and rinsing. Just curious if anyone has anything better they recommend, so we can provide higher than expected results. There’s dust, cobwebs, and fuel deposits on the door.

Additionally, they claim the door can handle 130mph winds, so I figure softwashing would be fine. Do NOT want to wipe this 4k sqft with a soft cloth lol. Planned to just downstream some elemonator and rinse.

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This Kenny? If so it was good chatting with you today. Welcome to the inner circle😂

Just my 2 cents, I’ve done Hardie board ‘soapdowns’ and customers were fine with that. If they just recommend soap only by all means go for it.