Air pump setup question

Hi guys. I’ve been searching forum for a while but not sure if it is good idea to use an air diaphragm pump for house washing ? Please advise what is + and - to wash houses with air pump setup.

I’m thinking about this setup

Pro mix a lot v3 that Frank sells on FB.

Tsunami water separator

5/8 flex tech hose

Most soft washing jobs is house washing and I’ve been down streaming it before with 4 gpm and 4000 psi but looking to upgrade for more performance + add roof washing as well.

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I would say you want more 11 cfm …for that price you can get a air compressor with around 20 cfm if you search the site you will find …

Thank you.
Do you think I need just more cfm or hp as well ?

Cheaper and more cfm

But i wouldn’t buy a air set up for washing houses. Its great to have, but not my first choice for most houses. Not enough pressure in rinsing.

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So downstream is the better option?

Not that downstreaming is better or worse, but your able to still clean most surfaces with it. Its cheaper to add an Xjet to than a dedicated system.

I think a dedicated system is a great tool to have on a truck, but it doesnt replace the pressure washer in terms of house washing. Dedicated is great for stucco and pre-treating really bad surfaces, but pressure helps a lot.