Air Diaphragm Pump Set up

New member here with questions:
We have just started operations with a 6.5 GPM with 4000 PSI, Hot, Cold, Down Stream and Xjet.
Being located on the coast we deal with multi story beach houses and condos with strong mildew.
Our Soft wash system is a All-Flo 1/2 inch with a 13.8 CFM Compressor at 80 PSI. We are able spray SH out 38 feet.
Anybody using a 1 inch Air Pump through a 3/4 mixing system? Below is my plan:

  1. 1 inch pump 80 PSI 13.8 CFM.
  2. 3/4 Inch mixing valve for water full open
  3. 3/4 Inch SH valve.
  4. 8 feet of 1 inch hose for suction side of pump
  5. 200 feet of Flexzilla 3/4 spray hose.

All-Flo engineer believes I should be able to pump 8 GPM at 65 PSI, any chance this will get me 60 feet of spray?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Stick with the 5/8 Flexilla hose or get some ag hose. The 3/4 collapses and kinks too easy and you don’t need. You’re not going to get 60’. If you’re lucky you’ll get 50.

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Thanks Racer,
I’ll try the 5/8 hose. What I’ve read on this site the “Guy” original shooter tips looks to be the favorite for distance.

For low pressures haven’t found it anymore so than regular tip. But haven’t tried it with my gas lp unit. Will this week.

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