Air diaphragm pump issues

Last year was the first year with the air diaphragm pump setup and had a few issues with the range and spray pattern at times. After talking to a few guys over the winter i was told 1. we need a bigger air line and 2. we need a bigger chemical feed line. The inlet to the pump for chemical feed is 1/2" so ive been looking for a 1/2" to 1" barb fitting for my pump. Will this be big enough for a feed line? what about air hose? 1/2" air hose?

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Best thing for an aodd pump is an in-line Oiler.
Inlet hose is usually 3/4
3/8 air line is just fine .
Regulator should be as close to the pump as possible.

Should i be looking for a 1/2" to 3/4" nipple to up the chemical inlet hose size then?

Yep most Lowe’s have them in stock sch80 grey pvc

perfect. ill be heading to lowes shortly. i will get an oiler, a new regulator and a nipple. I think part of our issue is not having an oiler AND running with only the regulator on the compressor not right on the pump. What do you generally run your compressor on? i know we need to regulator the pump 85-90psi

I run the compressor at max and set the regulator at 90. Don’t use the regulator on the compressor to set the pressure. Add a second on right at the pump

thats what i will be doing. I actually bought a regulator when i picked up the new pump but the regulator ended up being bad and leaking as soon as i got it on

well. picked up a new regulator and oiler last night. Did a test with a 5 gallon bucket of water, pump starts out by pumping strong and quick then eventually slows down to almost nothing. Im pretty close to calling it quits on the air setup. It NEVER seems to run correctly. I couldnt even get this thing to suck up a 5 gallon bucket of water, seems like it sucked in about 2 gallons then started pumping to slow to even pull any water.

@theotherguy Post some pics of your set-up.

i kind of have things strung out all over right this second just to test it after having the issues. Let me grab some pictures though

Pretty basic. 1/2” Ingersoll rand pump. Just put a new regular and fogger inline. 3/8 air line

Hey man just call me 7272434305 going back and forth like this will take forever


ill give you a call shortly. After messing with it a bit i got it a little better. Im still trying to figure out why the air pressure is fluctuating so much, i cant seem to get it to sit at a steady pressure to set the regulator. I also must have a leak somewhere pulling air. Every once in a while the soap stream breaks up with an air bubble

Did you resolve this?



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