Age old debate about ds bypassing


I have to ask (it made me laugh) why did you turn the water on then connect the flow meter. The whole purpose of the ball valve is to stop water for connecting things? :man_shrugging:t2:

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3000 psi and a $350 pvc flow meter rated at 150 psi. I was already nervous about blowing the thing apart doing it like I just did. I tried getting a high pressure one but the fleabay deal fell through.


Call me ignorant, but I thought the age old question was loss of DS mixture rates all based on size/hose length/friction rates? And I’m assuming that’s just GPM differential?

It’s about water loss versus the half gallon gain, additional plumbing, one more valve to turn every time you turn the valve from soap to rinse. With a pitot and #9 tip you gain a half gallon with an 8gpm at 3k.

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Yes thats another discussion in itself.

You only turn the bypass valve everytime I turn my 3 way on my injector line to soap and the start then just operate the bypass ball valve for soap then rinse and when I’m wrapping up I turn the 3 way on the injector line to rinse to clean the injector. I get a full season or more from my injectors. Works good especially if you want to go to your surface cleaner and back to chemical ya know. Idk there are a few ways to do this biz I just find this way to provide your highest performance and lowest maintenance I guess.

I use a dn15 12v valve wired to a wireless system, I keep the remote on my belt and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I can watch the stream get stronger and go farther if I am holding the trigger while the valve is opening. It is not a lot, but it is a appreciable difference when rinsing. I can get soap if needed and my trailer is 250’ away behind a apartment building. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time, hence made me money. That is the way I see it, even if gain is minimal. If you are on the fence about getting a remote bypass, jump off it now and get one, or do like I did and make your own.

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this guy gets it! this will also work with the DN15. you can change it out if it ever goes bad in about 2 minutes. everyone thought about doing this with a high pressure remote valve but they were thinking about it all wrong. why find a high pressure valve when we already have one that works fine and is nice and strong. just turn what ya got I say.