Again, rinse roofs or not

I asked this question once before. Im not asking again just looking for feedback. We will be moving into roofs. Shingle, low pitch only. 2 schools of thought. Racer said dont rinse and i respect his word like Gods. Another guy I do buisness with as a paver reseal sub contractor for me says dont rinse. And yes I know why they say that, time is money and more risk to vegetation. So who is pro rinse and why? Not arguing, just want to again hear pros and cons from both schools of thought. Ive seen guys that dont rinse and it looks terrible. Ive seen guys that do rinse and it looks terrible. Just want to hear both sides of the story. Experts and majority say dont rinse. Thoughts? Even though Innocent thinks im some kind of idiot, want his opinion also.

Dont, waste of time and water. Let the chems do their job, it will (in my opinion) turn out better if you let mother nature rinse it off. The longer the chems can do their job the better.


It’s like asking whether you should drink buttermilk warm or cold. Someone might have a pro as to why they like it warm, but they’re idiots.


Bro, i get that. No matter what you say for some crazy reason i like you. Not sure why. In reality im a very confrontational bring it on guy. For some strange reason you made the ok side in my book. Im gonna start with my roof and not rince. I was going to x jett it, which can be done successfully, but I may wait till the fall when i get the 12 volt set up. Dont want to drag that heavy HP hose around. Would rather have lightweight flexzilla hose and not have to start the gas machine. And i like the idea of batch mixing what i want without dillution. That you agree with?

Ive never seen to many rinsers unless its metal but i just gave my 1st roof quote earlier today so im going off what i see

Wait… I thought buttermilk was only for making biscuits and making ranch. You telling me people actually DRINK it?!

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No. Real men drink Jack Daniels. Lol.

Xjet might put too much water in for the roof mix to stick around and do its thing. I don’t know that for sure but it seems like it would.

My roofs didn’t start looking truly great in one shot until I got a good roof surfactant either. I was using the same elemonator at first but I had to hit a lot of spots twice to get good results. Slo-mo and “rain clean 5x” made it all so much better.

With a good sticky surfactant x jett works. Roofs need surfactant but i bought mine for flat work which in most circumstances in florida bont need surfactant. My X jet injector is built into the rear of the gun not at the end of it so it somewhat reduces overspray and it allows easier hose control. X jett is funny. You like it or not. I love mine. Its a newbe tool to use before you build a 12 volt.

An xjet is not a roof cleaning nozzle. With a few exceptions of not dirty roofs it may work, but those are rare exceptions.

It’s hard to enjoy a fatback and mustard biscuit without cold buttermilk

wait, what? buttermilk is for ranch dressing, and pancakes…

Wait, why are we having a discussion about adding time, cost, more equipment hauled up to a roof, and inherent risk again? @Innocentbystander is starting to make sense…just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agreed. Not for real dirty ones because at 4gpm 4.8% is all i can get. It fans out with adjustable fan for a good lay down of chem but a real dirty roof needs more than 4.8% and thats assuming the SH has not lost potency. So maybe finally we agree on something? Bro im not crazy. I have very decent knowledge but im working my way through the beginings. Im not that facebook guy that asks where the gas gets put into the machine. Would love to have your respect as I respect you. Im not the “cat” that needs ignored. Anyway, have a nice night bro. You’re good with me.

I can’t think of a single reason to rinse a none metal roof. A customer putting there house up for sale tomorrow or having a gathering isn’t a contractors problem.


4.8% had better be enough for anything…

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Remove fuel cap. Insert fuel.

I won’t even manually remove the moss in those cases…just explain/educate them that the best thing for their roof is to let it fall naturally, and give them a copy of our transferrable warranty to include in the package for the new homeowner…rinsing is definitely a “no”



The absolutely only time I rinse is if it’s for a realtor and they’re coming to take pics the next day, I will, if it needs it.

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