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I was about to glue this up today when I noticed I don’t have room for my antifreeze connection then 1 1/2 spa hose. If I swap the tank around make the run longer of course it’s possible then as I look at the 90 bend, it looks like a shallow insert on each end for the connection. I’m trying to stay 2” as long as possible.How can I clean this up? image|375x500

Use the drain port on your y-strainer for the antifreeze. Install a 1/2” ball valve with a close nipple in the place of the drain plug, and run 1/2” line to your bucket of antifreeze. Close the 2” valve and run the machine at very low throttle to suck up the antifreeze.

You’ve got a dump valve & line for the tank, correct?

When I winterize, I park at the top of a hill and gravity drain all my hoses and tanks. Antifreeze just goes through pump, unloader, and bypass line. Takes about a quart to winterize this way.

Enclosed trailer, no need romwimterize except for when you are shut down for a month or two. Just throw an electric space heater in their


Infinity no dump valve, wanted to y that in or maybe I’ll drill a 2” hole with bulkhead on the other end. No supply line yet, I have the parts waiting for my reels to come in.

Patriot, I’ll be a fair weather guy .I’m retired, be storing for the winter months. Thanks

Here is a piece inside the leg tank that I’m considering cutting out think it may slow my flow

That elbow is just to get that last couple of gallons. Basically it replicates having a lower bulkhead, so you dont necessarily need it.

I wouldn’t take that out. It allows you to actually get the most water out of the tank possible. It’s not restricting flow enough to make a difference. Check out this chart.

I’ve already told him it served a purpose. Any advice given him he seems to not like. Let him figure it out on his own when he gets tired of air leaks

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Also, it shouldn’t be really really close to the bottom either, it has to have like 3/8in or so clearance from very bottom.

Yeah I get it. Only posted a pic so I’m on the same page.
Some of you guys preach NO 90 degree turns. I find one. No that ones ok… oooookkkkayyy. Just kidding
I appreciate all the help and I am listening IB.