Advice sought on Buying first Hannay reel set

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So, Hannay seems to be the smart long term purchase.

Residential work only
5.5 gpm 2500 psi machine
currently outfitted on a 4 x 6 trailer
55 gallon buffer drum
plan to plumb the pw to buffer and bypass and have a short whip off a Y connector to have a bucket filling and boot/leg, general rinse down hose.

supply reel will hold a total of 150’ of 5/8 green flexilla (100 foot plus a 50 foot section).
i should order the 3/4 inch fitting on the reel - is that correct?

advise on what reel size would be best for this amount of hose without oversizing my reel too much would be awesome.

Is there really more than a 5% chance I would ever need to hold more than 150’ of supply hose sticking to residential work?

PW hose reel running 203’ of 3/8 single wire hose ( 145’ of nonmarking grey United hose, plus the original 50’ that came with machine, plus a whip of 8’ or maybe 6’ - getting both whip lengths along with 2’ and 4’ so I can figure what works best and have some lengths for setting up the reel.

what size reel and what fittings do I need to have a decent reel out of the gate.

seems like they are $250 - $300 each??

also I feel like someone said you can get the reels in colors other than gray… but not sure if that is what they were saying…

and I had people say NOT to stack the reels… not clear on why though, especially with such a small trailer to work with…

million thanks… hoping to get the new machine up and running within 2 weeks with the plumbing, reels, etc in place!

I don’t think they come in different colors.

For my supply I went with the reel that had a 1" inlet and 3/4" outlet. Fitting slow down flow so some guys don’t run the supply water through the reel. They just completely unreel the hose and then hook it up at both ends. I thought going with the bigger fittings might help a little with flow while still being able to run through the reel. I’m not sure how much it will help. Anyways, it’s probably a non issue unless you’re using an 8 gpm washer. I went with an 1830-17-18 for my supply and with the 1526-17-18 for 3/8" but wanted to have plenty of room if I ever decided to go with 3/4" supply hose. Even my 3/8" reel is probably bigger than I needed for my 200’ of hose. Mine aren’t stacked so I wasn’t worried about the size difference.

There is nothing wrong with stacking reels. If you’re the one that was posting all of the pictures of how to layout your trailer the only reason people said not to stack was to help you even out the weight of your equipment on your trailer. In one of the pictures you mentioned the blue container was the “stacked hose reels”. That would’ve added 100 lbs at the back and your trailer wouldn’t have been balanced correctly which can be dangerous. If you only have a few items on the trailer it’s a little harder to move stuff around to balance the weight out and get your 10% on the tongue. If you want to stack them that’s fine. If you decide to make sure the dimensions of the two reels are the same or you might have to do some fabrication work to make the stacking kit work but I’m not sure how they are designed.

The reel comes with female npt fittings. You’ll have to go from those female npt fittings to ght (garden hose thread) or at least at the reel. The fitting on the reel where the garden hose hooks up will have to be a fght (female garden hose thread) since the house hose spigot has male threads. The fittings you need depend on how or what you use to plumb it all up. If you are going to use short sections or whips of garden hose between the reel and buffer just go from npt to fght or mght depending on what end you’re hooking where. Don’t forget to use filters. I went with one before the buffer tank and one between the buffer tank and the pressure washer. I’ve seen others do this so followed suit.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what fittings you need let me know what reels you go with and how you plan on having it plumbed. I’ll make you a list.


You are awesome, really appreciate how generous you are with your time and knowledge and how kind you are about it. Rex at PW Products in FL is setting me up with all the parts I need and thankfully I have an HVAC buddy that is going to help me and keep me from disasters…lol… if we run into trouble I will definitely ping you!

Complete noob to the site with a few questions. 1. How do I DM people on here? lol. 2. Do you have a link to any videos that show the complete set up process for connecting a whip line and reel, and how it looks when youre all done? I do not have a personal trailer ill be renting from a uhaul to start, but i dont want to hand roll 100’ of cable at every job. Im also not being able to mentally picture how the set up works when connecting up to someone elses water line and not using a buffer tank.

The whip line just goes from the outlet on the pump to the hose reel. If you weren’t using a hose reel that “outlet” would be where your pressure washer hose hooks up.

I’m not sure I understand your question about hooking up to a houses’ water line without a buffer tank. If you’re talking about hooking a garden hose up to your pressure washer there’s only one inlet for a garden hose on the pump. That doesn’t change whether you’re hooking up to a buffer tank or straight from a hose spigot.

I’m not so sure I’d rent a trailer from Uhaul to use as a pressure washing trailer. Pressure washing is rough on trailers due to the chems we use. For what you’d’ pay for a rental fee for a month you could probably pick up a used one. That or just have a small wash setup out of the back of your truck for now.

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It’s very simple.

Hose from spicket to pump with no buffer tank.

Hose from spicket to buffer tank with a buffer tank.

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Wait, what’s a spicket??

That some kind of Europeeing thingy?


It’s a “spigot” ‘round these parts…

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I say spigot, but I write spicket lol


Some interesting opinions on the topic:

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Interesting read.

I suspect there’s more to it than the explanations given so far. There are multitudes of words that use one or the other of the voiced/unvoiced [g/k] pair of phonemes, but nobody calls a ‘bigot’ a ‘bicket’, or a ‘picket’ a ‘pigot’.

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I would like a chicken sees her salad that’s so big you’d need a 4 cliff to move it.


Yeah I dont currently have a truck. So this is pretty much the only way i can do this. Thats going to be my first purchase. Where there is a will there is a way!

Ok, that makes complete sense with the whip line. For some reason i was picturing the hose reel to be just like a garden hose reel and i would need to hook it up to the reel itself, but i got that wrong. Thanks for clarifying!!

Is there a whip line kit i can buy somewhere? or what does that setup actually consist of?

Thanks! I believe I was overthinking it, and just thinking about the wrong thing in general lol. I was picturing a garden hose reel and imagining that it worked the same way as a pressure hose reel.

The whip line does connect to the hose reel. I don’t think there’s a whip line kit. It’s just a high pressure hose that runs from the pump to the hose reel. Some just use quick connects and others just screw in the fittings. Most are 3/8" but you’d have to verify by looking at your pump.

I’ll post a picture later there really is much to see. It’s maybe a 6’ pressure hose with quick connects on each end. One end connects to the pump and the other the hose reel.

Imagine you’re using your pressure washer and washing a driveway. You then decide you want to hook up to a hose reel. The hose you’re currently using will be disconnected from the pump. A shorter high pressure hose will then be hooked up on the pump in it’s place and ran to the hose reel. Length depends on how far away your hose reel is from your pump. You then hook your long pressure washer hose that you were using to clean the driveway up to the hose reel and that’s what gets rolled up when not in use. Another way to look at it is just think of a regular garden hose reel that you use for your hose. A short hose (whip line) runs from the spigot to the hose reel. It’s the same thing on a pressure washer but instead of the spigot a short hose (whip line) runs from the pump to the hose reel. You then hook your garden hose up to the hose reel and use whatever length you want. Same thing with a pressure washer hose reel. You then hook your pressure hose to the hose reel in whatever length you want. Most use 225’.

Aren’t Uhaul trailers aluminum? The SH is going to tear it up.

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Yeah, im pretty sure my Pressure Washer uses a 3/8". This is what im buying.

As for the Trailer, I’m not 100% sure, but i don’t plan on leaving open containers of SH in the back to splash all around the trailer.

Eye wood like a chicken sees her salad that’s so big you’d knead a four cliff two move it.

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