Advice on gutter cleaning gone wrong

I have used Gutter Grenade on several jobs in the past with very good results. When I applied it today I started with a mild solution to remove tiger stripes with out success. I then made the mix a little hotter. The end result was it removed all of the paint from the gutter to the bare metal. It did not affect the metal fascia just below the gutter. I told her the original finish on the gutters was weather worn and almost transparent and that the fascia must be newer than the gutters. she said they were the same age. I think if I had to hot of a mix it would have affected the fascia as well. Any advice would be appreciated.

Own it. Call a painter. Fix it fast. Your reputation depends on it.


Good advice that is what I am going to do. Any idea what may have caused this and how to prevent it in the future, short of not offering gutter cleaning as a service ?

You can buy spray cans of white gutter paint from about anywhere. Just careful to not spray roof when using.


Prevent it by not offering gutter whitening


You can still clean the inside and the outside…just not removing oxidation. Technically removing oxidation is a restoration service not a cleaning service


My sentiments exactly

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After removing tiger strips and seeing the results from other jobs I would hate not to offer this as a service. This is the first time it has happened. I really don’t wont to delete this as a service. I really need to figure out what the problem is. Has any one had this experience before?

Well we know what the definition of experience is. I guess this qualifies me to say to
my customers I am well experienced in gutter brightening and removing Tiger Stripes. lol

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If you’ve done a large number in the past I don’t see how it could be anything that you did. I’m sure you used the same process you’ve always used. Maybe it had to do with the brand of gutters and the paint they used? Maybe someone had tried cleaning them in the past with some sort stripper or other chemical?

If you want to keep offering it keep offering it. Just realize that you’ll likely have the same issue again down the road. Sounds like you’re still making money off of doing them so you’re still ahead of the game. If you can fill your schedule without offering it pass on it. If you have time in your schedule to clean them go for it. Just make sure you’re still hitting your daily or weekly goals even if you have to paint them on occasion and don’t mind the added work. There’s definitely easier money to be made though.


Set a standard… only gutters that are less then 10 years old and have never been brightened

Bingo. It’s a really silly service. It’s not like concrete or vinyl you clean over and over again.

You’re always taking some coating off with gutter whitening.


I tried it once on my own gutters and never again lol. Heres what I do with gutters that are heavily stained, two passes and then one with straight bleach if the surrounding areas are not covered in landscape, if that doesn’t work then I tell them they need restoring.

Back in the day when I was younger and in better shape, I used to clean out gutters and get rid of tiger stripes using Dirtex and a rag. It doesn’t take paint off and is very effective.

I still use it on occasion for light fixtures and low gutters, too bad it requires physical contact. Something about the ammonia works on the stripes.

Most gutters on East of Mississippi are made in Alcoa TN. Some are flashed sprayed and baked. Some are baked in enamel paint. Flash sprayed will lose their paint from a degreaser. Baked enamel will eventually after a few cleanings.

And, removing PAINT…:::smile:

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This is the exact reason why I no longer offer this service. It is too much of a gamble for me. I had to repaint gutters on 3 different house about 4 yrs ago. Since then we do not off gutter scrubbing to remove tiger stripes. What ever comes off with the bleach solution is the final result.


Most gutters these days are made seamlessly on site from a roll of coil stock. However, the coil stock quite possibly could be made by Alcoa. If pre fabbed seamed sections are common in your neck of the woods, I now understand your hatred for gutters.

I am referring to the coils. True that most gutters are made on site out of the two different stocks

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There is good money in what everyone is calling restoration. Not every customer is going to be willing to pay, but for those who do, you can make a coin or two. It can be a specialty service at a premium charge since not everyone is going to do it. Does the work suck sometimes? Sure does, but that is why a premium charge has to be made for the type of service you are providing.