Advice on giving this estimate

I am delivering an estimate tomorrow to a local distribution center that wants 215 semi truck trailers washed once per month. This isn’t my first fleet washing job, but it will be the largest estimate by far I’ve ever delivered.
My plan is to drive there in person to give them a folder that has the estimate, my insurance information (complete with listing them as additional insured on the policy as well as certificate holder so it is turn-key ready to go) and my workers comp policy info all at once.

The thing I am unsure of is whether to push for a 12 month contract. I had 2 friends, both business owners, give me conflicting answers. One says yes, one says no. What do you guys think? 12 month contract, or leave it open ended?


Open ended. Or at least make it where you can quit anytime you want to.


I can’t comment on the trucks per se, but having done more than a few window cleaning contracts you may want to ask yourself if you can/want to be locked into doing 200+ trailers every single month.


I would be thinking about the fact are they all going to accessible at one time. Or is this a rotation thing per day, week, or weekend? And will there be room around all of them when it’s time to clean them? Just a few questions you should ask. I know if they are sitting on a lot or in docks that are side by side they usually do not a lot of room between them.