Advice on a commercial dyed concrete washing job

I was asked to quote for this job in Nigeria. An art gallery of sort. Owner is very mindful of damaging the original color. Dyed concrete. My proposal is to wash the surface, dye it and seal. Owner wants to see the outcome just after washing and before dyeing. We will do a test wash on a less conspicuous spot to ascertain.
Anyone come across a job like this? Please advise on how best to wash it. I will have professionals do the dyeing and sealing.

You might want to look at @Squid’s Mega Church post. I don’t know about the colorfastness of the concrete though.

It just looks like organic stains to me. 3-4% sh hitting the wall. You’ll need an x jet Or 12v pump. And judging from the pic prob a lift other at least an extension pole.

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Thank you. I am worried that SH will cause the red dye to run?

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I doubt it but I guess it’s possible. Is the concrete actually dyed or is it just colored concrete. Usually pigment is mixed into the concrete or there’s a colored sealer on it. If they’re going to re dye it anyways it shouldn’t matter much. So some test spots. Post some pics if you get it done. Thats going to make for a good before/ after. Another option is ebc but it will get pricey doing a job like that and it might be difficult to source where your at.