Advice on 532 2-story apartment units bid

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I had a resident from this apartment complex directly reach out to me recently about the dirty condition of the apartment complex she lives in. Built in 2001, this complex has 532 2-story units. I haven’t visited the site yet, only left a message for the manager. I may be way over my head on this one, however I would love some advice on bidding for apartment complexes from the masters. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve never done an apartment complex but I would assume you would just figure how much you would want for a single unit, multiply it by 532, and maybe give a discount for volume. That said, assuming you’re even going to be asked to bid on it by the manager because a resident reached out to you is a little presumptuous. Also, I would think that unless you have a least a couple of trucks you won’t be able to do this in an acceptable time frame.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At the very least it help him learn to right an estimate for large apartment complexes.

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First and foremost, take out the name of the community and address’s in the pictures you uploaded. You dont want someone else to see these and talk to them first.

You want either the maintenance manager, hoa, or property mangers info. Those are the people to talk to.
I would either bill by the day or by unit, for me it would not matter because they would both equal the same amount. I know how much i want a day and can guess how far i can get in a day.

You also dont have to do it all as one big project, but more so as maintenance. Say clean 2 days worth a week. If you can clean 6 per day than 48 units will get cleaned a month and put them on a yearly contract. Now this becomes regular income for you. This also gives you time to do other cleanings in between and not stuck on this job.


Thanks gents

I consider those town home styoe buildings. Figure one crew of two should be able to wash 10 buildings, or 50 units or so a day. $47.50 a unit around here

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Bingo. This is the best.

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@Crabby I have a couple videos up on YouTube about pricing apartment complexes and one about selling maintenance contracts to them.

The one with maintenance contracts has some pretty good info on selling to property managers. Search YouTube for Squids Pressure Washing LLC


Will do, TY!

LOL, I’d bid it at $60/unit and then sub it out to @Innocentbystander for $50/unit.


Great idea @Racer LOL… I just finished reading through your post on the Town Homes project you wrote a book on. Good advice on that! I’m going this week to do a walk of the property.


Id be happy. That’s 25k for four days of work :grin:


Lord I read that wrong and thought you said 47.50 per building.

Per front door lol

@Crabby. Greetings neighbor. Two members from Newark,Ohio.

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Hey @Cougar_Bait, nice to see a neighbor on here!