Advice needed on best chemical to use around pool deck

Hi there,

I am submitting a bid on a large housing complex pool deck tonight. It has been requested that we use some cleaner on the concrete. And it is clear that some chemical will end up in the pool.

I just want to be able to say that I am using the best surfactant for the job. Something that will not change the ph of the pool too drastically if possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Do you have pictures? They always help. I would start out with hot water if needed put down some house wash mix. Around pools you always need to explain that some runoff is going to get in the pool.

I don’t use chem’s when around a pool. My surface cleaner alone does a great job

Why are they rquesting chems?
Is it just dirt or are there rust stains or something?

Another company was bidding for the job and said they would use some detergent with a similar ph to that of the pool and the client got it in his head that this would be a better job. He understands some stuff will definitely get into the pool and already talked with the pool maintenance guy.

I am new to this type of work. And I just want to gain some more knowledge for myself and this potential client.

So then, what should i use with my cold water surface cleaner?

Mix up some pool shock. Mix a little and ds and surface clean it.

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That’s all house wash mix is

Another vote for a house wash mix (sodium hypochlorite, soap, and water). A little will get in the pool, but it’s not a big deal.

could you just use sodium hypo? that way the only thing that gets in the pool is dirt and the same stuff they use to treat the pool.

You want to ad a surfactant to break the dirt bond if needed. Nothing in a house wash mix is going to be ban for the pool.

That depends on what is in your HW mix. Just using SH before (to break up dirt) and after (to whiten) will be fine and look great