Advice? Honda with AAA pump or Kohler with CAT pump

Looking to buy a heavy duty pressure washer question is whats the better buy a honda engine with a AAA triplex pump or a Kohler engine with a CATtriplex pump also maybe if someone could give me their opinion on the generac washers with AAA triplex pump that one is a maybe also thanks in advance

none of the 3 you mentioned are worth buying

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If I had to go with a premium pump or a premium engine I’d slap an Udor on a Predator everyday of the week, but I don’t think I’d buy a crappy pump just for the engine unless you plan on carrying a better pump with you field swap.

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Id take the Honda all day, the pump wont run if the engine wont start. Plus its cheaper to change out a pump than a engine.

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My point ultimately was to compare those pumps with the predator, but no. The engine is the easy part. Chain hoist, 4 bolts, battery cables, and the fuel line has a shut off.

On my set up for the pump I gotta remove the belt guard, pulley, unloader…

I wouldn’t buy a harbor freight engine personally, but at the end of the day you can get 3 of them for the price of a Honda if you include mufflers. Udor pump is $700-900. But the predator has good reviews. If it lasts a year that’s more than he’ll get out of a generac or AAA.

Pump won’t run if the pump’s broke. Need one to run the other. But he would literally be better off buying a $500 engine with a 1 year warranty than going with any of those machines.

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What do you intend to do with the machine? If you are buying the machine for personal use…or even occasional business use, you will be fine with either of them. But, they will not stand up to using 4 or 5hrs per day, day in and day out.

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I know all the machine listed are bad in terms of “heavy duty”, and can do better.

And im not knocking Harbor freight, my aodd pump operates from their compressor.

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The first thing anyone should’ve asked. Lol.

Well done Jim.


I know you know what you’re doing. If my post sounded condescending that wasn’t my intention. Sorry if it did.

Air operated double diaphragm - my roof pump

And no hurt feeling here, gotta have thick skin to even be in business.

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A little more information about the pressure washers the Kohler is a 2.5gpm 3300psi and the the Honda is also 2.5gpm 3300psi and the generac is 2.6gpm and 3600psi I currently do landscaping mostly installs mulch rock patios pine straw retaining walls etc etc but was looking into something small to start doing minor pressure washing jobs also the pressure washers I mentioned are in the $600 range

I count 25 great threads from the search phrase good starting unit


I have the Generac you mention and it is a homeowner machine. You will need a contractor grade machine for starting out. It’s an business equipment expense.

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If you don’t have the budget for a $2000+ machine, I’d try find a used pressure washer with a Honda GX 390 on Craigslist and buy a 4 gpm, gear drive Udor and unloader. You’re still gonna be at around $1000, but it’s a great start.

Thanks guys I wouldn’t be asking if I knew any better this is all new to me and I was just trying to add a little extra to what I already do, due to many people asking about pressure washing I figured this would be a great place to learn

Buy once, Cry once.


The Generac is great for harry homeowner stuff and portable. It is great for cleaning lawn furniture and deck accessories and stuff, but for surface cleaning, six horsepower doesn’t buy you much and you will work hours on small concrete cleaning projects. The PSI is adequate, the flow volume is too small for real cleaning. I really like the buy once cry once note above^

And i started out with a small machine… Simpson Honda/Cat combo and it made me good money… nice little machine for what it is and will use it for jobs when needed.

I also saw the difference first hand between a bigger machine and what i was doing… i bought a new machine this winter.

had the same question, but purchasing a 4 gpm, what did u go with.