Advice for this sign

I’m not so much asking how to clean it, but how much water you all think it would take. I just have my 50 gallon tank, probably don’t have access to a water source although the school may have an outside spigot somewhere. The building is too far away for me to run a supply line.

I want to do this pro bono just because I see it pretty much every day and it looks terrible.

I’d say 50 gallons is more than enough water for that. I had a detached 2 car garage with vinyl siding & no water supply on site a while back. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with about 2% & applied it with the Ryobi 18v then rinsed with a 30 gallon buffer tank.

I ended up using about 25 gallons of water here to rinse this sign. 2%-ish SH was applied first. Both SH and water were applied with 12v.

Also done pro-bono as this is my kids’ school and it’s about 30 seconds outside the entrance of my neighborhood, so what I felt was great exposure.


50 good, throw a hot mix on it and rinse, good to go.

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Yep, 5min with a pump up, 5min nap and 5min rinse, should be good.


Perfect, thanks guys.

If I was more talented I would also paint the lettering as it looks completely faded, but alas.

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