Advice for a job


Just got a call for a quote on the house below, there wanting this house washed and the front and back patio, plus a one story dock done. I have never cleaned an all wood home and just curious what you guys would use to clean the house with? This is a custom home built by a guy and his son that died a few years back so I’m just wanting to make sure I do everything right! There wanting it done like next week so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Also somebody throw a ball park quote out there so I can see if what I’m thinking on the house is close! Thanks!


Looks like an expensive house to cut teeth on.


RUN AWAY! I don’t even wash wooden decks… Maybe I’m too conservative, but I wouldn’t risk the call to my insurance guy.


Lol well then! And it is very expensive!


There’s way too much vinyl in the world that cleans so much easier.

Wood is for wood restoration guys. Vinyl and concrete are for guys like me. :slight_smile:


Mix oxyclean with soap on a 5 gallon bucket.
115oz of liquid dish soap, oxyclean 1 cup fill with water.
Muratic acid on sprayer for stone, only if there is no wood underneath…if not just use above mix


How is he supposed to segregate that from the wood above?


If you’ve never used muriatic acid it boils concrete. Like smoke coming off of it. I use muriatic acid in pvc pipes to burn off mill scale from steel…

If this is one of your first jobs stick to the basics.


Lol. I might just pass up on this one, although I could probably make a pretty good chunk on this one, I don’t want to screw anything up!


That’s a beautiful home don’t learn on that thing. Learn on pallets and old abandoned sheds.


As soon as I saw the picture I screamed NO!! in my head. I hate houses like that, I am a nervous wreck the whole time I am working because I am so paranoid I will screw up some exotic building material someone installed on that place. I agree with Brodie 100% find 4 regular houses to wash instead, you will be glad in the long run.



Try to find a competitor in your area that you may know of, offer it to them and just let them know you’re not experienced in that type of cleaning. It may be an opportunity to pay it forward. Just a thought

Better yet…see if you can assist them for the experience. Worth a try


If you see a post from this guy you would be well advised to read it for the humor content but please do not try it in real world applications. Most of his posts are ill informed or out right lies. Just don’t want a new person not aquainted with him to think his advice is good and screw up something.


You and your crap again.
If if not what you like it is wrong.
If its not like your set up it is wrong.
If you dont offer it it is wrong.
If you do not use it it is wrong.
If you dont do it it is wrong.
If you dont have it that way it is wrong set up.


Case in point above lol. Y’all get what I’m saying I hope. Just don’t want to see a new guy mess up following this guy. Don’t put muriatic acid on rocks over a deck, or anything else that sounds sketchy


And no dish soap on a house. There are long threads here about that foolishness.


That house is about 1800 to do, if you dont want the hasle walk away,
But if you know what you doing then spend money and cover areas.
I never said use muriatic acid on rocks above deck.
I said
Muratic acid on sprayer for stone, only if there is no wood underneath…if not just use above mix.

Read, read, read.
If you have no time to read, dont bother commenting




don’t use hot water on wood or vinyl, or have lines flowing hot water laying on grass.


I read your posts
There is no way to keep the acid off the wood, whether it is above or below the stone. Don’t use muriatic acid on stone on a house, period. I’ll stop posting of you could stop with the advice. Someone just needs to be ready top offset the mess you throw out there. This is vs professional forum. It has no place for liars, thieves or bad advice.