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I have a question about Yelp… Over the last several months I have been able to get 3 scores on Yelp without actually buying into their advertising program.
Last week, I had a call from a Yelp sales person, who was very persistent on me buying into Yelp ads. I explained to him that it was just simply too expensive for me at the time. He was relentless and would not give up so, I just finally said goodbye and hung up. A few days later, my reviews were taken of the Yelp page as not recommended. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Unofficially, that’s the story I have heard as well on our side of things…they will keep calling you, and when you say “never call again”, they will pass your account off to the next salesperson, who will resume calling. The only time we had any luck in stopping it, was when one of the ladies in our office had a brother working there for a while and he knew how to get them to quit calling… I just tell them “we’ve tried you, we did not like the experience and will never be using your services again, save yourself the time…”, if they press, I tell them what we really think, then wish them a good day and hang up.

I would rather just dissolve the business than deal with Yelp, Home advisor, Angie’s List, Nextdoor, or any of the other ones I don’t know about.


Don’t worry about it. Have you or anyone you actually know ever gone to yelp to look for something?


I see we have a similar blacklist, lol


Haha…I just found a piece about Yelp on a major tuber… he agrees not to use them for most of the same actions.

I’ve come to that same conclusion… Do you use ad media?

Not so far… All I did was to refer my customers for honest reviews to build my rep.

Send them to a legitimate review source…

Send them to your Google business page or your business FB page. Make it easy for your customers. Just send them a link to the review section of each when you send invoice or receipt. If you work at it, the link you send to your Google one automatically populates the 5 star.


Yelp = RUN!!!

I just can’t even imagine dealing with those types. I considered it early on but after researching and finding out they were being sued to kingdom come I decided they weren’t going to fund their legal defense with any of my pesos. One of the best decisions I have made lol

Yes and no. I update my GMB page and I try to post to Facebook and Instagram somewhat regularly but honestly I do a terrible job at both. If you’re asking do I spend money on advertising the answer is no. I spent some initially with Facebook ads and didn’t see enough of a return to warrant the cost.

Thanks, and I do that. I have managed to get 3 stars on Google and 2 on FB. I’m looking at more by nicely reaching out to my past customers with links to both Google and Facebook review pages with their honest reviews. To be seen, I need more reviews to climb higher on the Google ratings ladder. If I’m successful, it could bring me up to at least a dozen or more.
Thanks for the advice.

I’m hoping you meant # of reviews here… :grimacing:


I have also had the same experience, although I initially bought into the Yelp advertising. I didn’t even come close to breaking even with what I spent, so I cancelled it. 3 years later, they still try calling every couple weeks to convince me to come back.