Advertising ideas. I have about $500-$1000 to spend

Getting money from my ex wife as she refinanced her house and has money in escrow. Will have $500-$1000 to use towards marketing.

Im extremely small company last year I did roughly 500-600 jobs in the year and mainly just use yard signs. I dont currently have a website, the only other place Ive advertised is Facebook.

There are 2 other large pressure washing companies in my area that cover an area of about 75 miles that use mostly yard signs as well amd I think one of them Ive seen in the Valpack envelope. My prices are half of what their prices are and I seen they are looking for employees on Indeed paying them $250-$300 a day and Im like ■■■■ I wish I was that busy to need man power that desperately.

I’ve been told several times that they pay there guys $250-$300 a day . The employee will tell you that’s a lie .
I pay $150 a day on average and $200 a day for roof cleaners when I need a break.
Probably also depends on we’re your located . That kind of payroll would have a hard time working in my area. . Rates would have to double. Meaning you will get less jobs endless you invest large amounts of money into advertising. That will further drive up your rates . It’s a catch 22 in my book

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If they are paying day labor odds are there aren’t covering them with W/C. If they are using yard signs they probably aren’t legit to begin with. It’s put that money into more equipment, or better coffee and can you six hundred customers and other then a 10% discount on they next wash is they get a neighbor or family member signed up for you

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You already have 600 customers. If you use a customer management software it can be really easy to ask for reviews, references etc. if you don’t have a CRM I would recommend getting one. I use jobber and I wouldn’t be able to run my company without it. Helps me in every way and for $300/mo its hard to beat.

I just printed 500 flyers for ~$180 because the self sustaining wheel that is word of mouth has slowed a bit and I can work faster with my new machine. I’m talking with local coffee shops, gas stations, stores etc to see if I can tape up a few in the doors, and of course go door to door in the right neighborhoods with the flyers. They’re cheaper than yard signs and depending on your method of delivery they look a lot better. Company polo, khakis and a grateful attitude have grown my business more than anything but it is only viable when you’re not busy washing houses.

You’re better off using what you already have and saving money. If 10% of your customer base really likes you they’ll be happy to give you a review and give you references. If you do want to invest in a marketing strategy invest in something tangible. I’ve seen great results with flyers and they are cheap. I’ve wasted lots of money on facebook and next door ads. It feels too easy because it is. Imo not viable for an owner/operator.

If you’re doing 5-600 jobs a year and doing a good job for less than your competition, the phone should be ringing off the hook and be booking out until next year.

based on those numbers, you’re doing 2 jobs/day 5 days/week solo. So you either need to figure out hiring, or you’re probably pretty booked out, unless everything is the most basic <2000sf housewash…

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I would be getting in touch with previous clients as mentioned above. Lowest hanging fruit.