Advertised vs operating pressure?

Alright, admitted and obvious newbie here.

So I “revived” this thing, after my dad had trashed it. New carb, new oil in the pump, some fittings blah blah

It’s advertised to run at 2000 psi at 3 gpm. I’m only getting about 1000 when I’m operating it with a 15 degree tip (cleaning my brick house) with the correct orifice size. See pics. I should add by rough math my water supply is upwards of 6 GPM via 5 gallon bucket and stopwatch test.

It DOES hit 2000 psi when it’s idling, but under what I would call load, or spraying, it sits around 900.

Is this how it’s supposed to work?

edit attached pics this time

@eltravisto how’s the flow from the water source?

Unloader issue?

Make sure the throttle is wide open. Then crank that red knob to the right till u get 1800-1900psi
on the trigger
Also make 100% sure u have the right tips. Bucket test the pump and match the tips to your actual flow, not what you assume the flow is, trust me on this one!


Thanks for all the replies guys - I would say source water pressure is strong, my garden hoses fairly well blast water.

I will try to get a new spring in the unloader and see if that helps…

ShinedUP, how would I bucket test the pump? Run the gun into it with any specific tip?

Yes, use gun, but no tips. Water source has to be adequate.

Exactly. But I’d like to mention that in theory you will flow the same amount of water with or without a tip.
As long and every thing is functioning as it should.
Healthy properly sized engine, functional unloader, and so on. These are “positive displacement “ pumps, meaning at a given RPM they will put out the same volume regardless of restriction.

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A bucket test on a machine is done using the appropriate tip sized to the machine. That allows you to see if pressure and gpm are correct. Running without a tip only shows gpm

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It sounds like you’ve put some time and money into this, so I hate to break it to you, but the pump might be shot. It’s a cheap machine that your dad already trashed. Definite possibility.

Yes, that’s how you determine what tip/nozzle. The nozzles usually have the # stamped on it. I use a gauge tho.

That’s not how you determine what tip. You determine the tip based on the pump rating. After you determine the tip, use that tip to see if the pump meets its rating using proper pressure tip and bucket test.

You use the gauge in conjunction with the bucket test and proper tip

What I put is to determine GPM, and you base your nozzle size off of your GPM correct? To get the proper nozzle you have to know that GPM. I’m driving right now so I might not understand the question completely. Oh, and when i saybI use a gauge thats after eveything is proper.

No worries. I believe he is trying to determine if his machine is flowing the advertised pressure and gpm. You need to know both of those to choose the correct nozzle. Quit reading and driving. You might run into me while I’m doing the same thing.


:rofl: you nearly made me go off the road, I was laughing so hard :joy:


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Well played.

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