Advantech flooring for enclosed trailer floor?

Does anyone have experience with Advantech flooring? I’m looking to purchase a trailer from Proline Trailers in VA and they use that instead of plywood. A quick Google search says it’s like an osb but won’t swell with when wet. I’d like to use a truck bed liner on the floor and I want to make sure this stuff will hold up over the years vs plywood.

I’ve heard of it and seen it advertised a lot. I think it’s kind of a gutsy test of their marketing claims, to use it in a wash trailer (regardless of the floor/truck bed coating added on top of it)

It’s designed for residential subflooring, and shouldn’t swell in the event you have a leaky appliance or something. I just feel like it’s a stretch to then stick it in a utility trailer. :man_shrugging:

I could be way off base, though.

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I spoke with a tech from Rhino Liner and they said their product will adhere to it. So that’s good at least. I found some unbiased info on Google and it says it a lot stronger than osb. I think they are all switching to it because of it’s water resistant properties.

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All their trailers are using the Advantech floors now. There is no option otherwise. I ordered it so I guess I’ll find out.

I was at Menards the other day. I was walking past the plywood section and noticed they have 4’ X 8’ X 1/2" sheets of black hdpe. It’s similar to the material used to make those white plastic cutting boards. I think I might give them a go for my open trailer. They also had some thin light gray sheets that were probably 1/8" thick. If adhesive was used where the boards joined the original trailer floor should never be damaged. The hdpe would outlast the trailer too. It would be as simple as hosing it out when it needed cleaned. You could even install it a foot up the wall if you wanted.

We have a local company who makes liners for dumb beds that you would see on semis. I’ve though about going up to them and asking what a piece would cost for my trailer. I think the material is super smooth though. Those black hdpe sheets have a little traction on one side.

Order some sheets of 3/4” from US Plastic, and skip the plywood altogether :smirk::rofl:

Wanna get super ‘stravagant with it, upgrade to UHMW PE :flushed::joy:

Any solid plastic sheet is going to get super slippery when wet, though. Slip ‘n Slides are made out of HDPE…

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I built houses for years, we used advantech. It holds up great, but is not meant for long term exposure to wet conditions and any cuts of nail/screw holes will swell.

I would think you would want to line the floor for sure. Enjoy the new trailer


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High density poly ethylene sheets

If you’re going to use HDPE sheets remember that there’s no good adhesive for that you can Weld it very easilly though with a $59 hot air welder from harbor freight. It is not structurally sound it will not support its own weight over about 6 inches. If it’s going to be exposed to the elements make sure and get one that’s UV rated starboard is a good brand that we use for marine applications

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I’ll leave getting super 'stravagant to you and Truck Norris. With what you have in that thing you might as well do a trailer build too. :smile:

One side kind of has a texture to it so might prevent it from being too slippery. Could maybe even heat up some long pieces of wire and melt grooves. If you don’t did it where you walk it might not be too bad figuring something out.

I’m going to use some type of bedliner for the interior floor and maybe paint the bottom exposed to the outside.

And whitewater kayaks.:+1:

I got the trailer and Raptor lined the floor. Advantech floors say to use only polyurethane adhesives. Raptor liner and I’m sure most other brands are polyurethane based. So it should stick.

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