I know this has probably been debated a million times on other forums. Hot rods, boating, ATVs, old tractors, motorcycles, heavy equipment, etc. So why not ask about it here?

What are your favorite additives? Do you use products like STP oil treatment, Slick 50, Lucas oil stabilizer, SeaFoam gas treatment, Lucas upper cylinder lubricant, Marvel Mystery Oil, or something else? Or are you a purist who never adds anything to your gas, your oil, or any other fluids?

Personally, I use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in my older vehicles and equipment, and I feel it does a great job of cutting down on oil consumption and reducing wear. I put Lucas transmission stabilizer in an old Jeep I had and never had another problem with the auto trans. Before the Lucas, it often wouldn’t shift into reverse gear when cold. I also use a little Marvel Mystery Oil in my pressure washer gas and my motorcycle. I don’t know for sure any of this really helps but I do seem to get really long life out of every engine I own.

Your thoughts?

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AMSOIL in the Tundra, premium grade gas and whatever is available for pump oil and SAE for the small engines. They get changed out regularly so I don’t fuss too much over that and I honestly don’t know what the difference is between all of them. That’s it for this guy.

Lucas oil for the crank case and sea brease for the gas.

Sea Foam maybe?

Man, I’ve heard great things about Amsoil.

Yep sea foam… Hahah. God catch

I thought well, maybe he’s running skin care products in his machines. Who am I to judge? Lol.

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Steve, if you haven’t gathered by now I’m not the most technical person on the forum, so I just don’t know how much better it actually is. And I’m almost exclusively a Toyota truck guy, which knock on wood means that I’ve never had a truck problem. But I do know that the local Amsoil guy is also an ASE certified mechanic. He knows roughly about how many miles I drive per month and he calls me when I get to 25,000 or dang near close and because I buy the oil he comes and changes it right in my driveway.

So far it’s only been once and it was about 14 months after the first time he put it in. Apparently it lasts a long time.

It’s expensive. But the service is next to none.

Full synthetic for your engines?

Me or Steve? Because I don’t use full synthetic in the small engines…

Sea foam is great stuff for the tank and crankcase. Can’t beat Lucas additives either. Use it in my Jeep transmission. Always run premium in the pw. Honda machine still running strong after 10 years with service and Lucas/seafoam. My wife likes a good seabreeze tho.

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