Adding Pressure washing to our company

Hello every one,
I own a window cleaning company and frequently get asked to do the siding and roofs.
I inform the customers that we are not interested in this kind of work and give them a reference to several company’s in the area that do this kind of work.
How ever some of our high end accounts that persistently bug us I end up caving in and dragging out my 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM I picked up years ago at an estate sale to wash my own home a few times a year with.

Last year, the what I know now as a POS 2,700 PSI washer broke on me shortly after setting up on the job. I went down to the local repair shop in a frantic as this was a high paying job to get it fixed and was told it would take two weeks, I told them I needed it sooner as I was on a job when it broke. I was laughed at, then they realized I was actually serous about using this for work. . . Im not sure if they felt bad or saw sucker all over my desperate face to get the job done, But I ended up with a free 48 hour rental on a 4gpm 4k psi. I believe it was a BE with a Honda motor and a Cat pump.

I have done this house multiple times with the 2,700 PSI and a it takes about 9 hours, using the 4,000 PSI it took less then 5 HOURS! OMG what a difference.
While returning the rental I told the shop to keep the 2,7000 PSI POS and I will only be renting there washer from now on.

After looking in to soft wash when I first hear about it several years ago I desired to try it last week on the home we do regularly. With an assistant it took less then 2 hours. . . I know I have become slightly more efficient with the pressure washer but is soft wash seriously this amazing? Or am i missing something. . . ?

What do you consider soft washing? Using a jrod?

Missing something

Great question, to which I’ll share my opinion. I use a 12v pump at 5.3 GPM and usually end of using approx 40 gallons of my soft wash mix to clean a two story house in about an hour, give or take. Soft washing definitely has its advantages in certain areas. I use my 4 GPM pressure washer for all surface cleaning. I have a feeling that I may find out that downstreaming is the way to go at some point when I upgrade my machine. However, my rig was primary built for roof washing from the start, so I use what I have.

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